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U.S. Renews Relations With the Terrorists of Hamas

Less than a week after he was sworn into office, President Joe Biden has ordered the State Department to restore relations with the genocidal terrorists of Hamas.

The stupidity of the Biden administration was evident in the statement accompanying the recognition of the Palestinians. It “remains the best way to ensure Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish state while upholding the Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations for a state of their own and to live with dignity and security.”

I’m not sure a lot of Israelis would agree with that statement.

Biden’s next move will be to start the gravy train of assistance to the Palestinian government. Perhaps he’ll invite Mahmoud Abbas to the White House for a nice, friendly chit-chat.

A new wind is blowing through the Middle East — an ill-favored wind.

Associated Press:

“Under the new administration, the policy of the United States will be to support a mutually agreed two-state solution, one in which Israel lives in peace and security alongside a viable Palestinian state,” he said.

Mills said peace can’t be imposed on either side and stressed that progress and an ultimate solution require the participation and agreement of Israelis and Palestinians.

“In order to advance these objectives, the Biden administration will restore credible U.S. engagement with Palestinians as well as Israelis,” he said.

“Credible engagement” with the Palestinians necessarily means accepting some of their claims. First and foremost is that “Palestine” is a viable state. The rest of the world may pretend that it is, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. has to share the delusion. As long as the Palestinians hold a knife to Israel’s throat, all the wishful thinking in the world won’t matter.

Trump cut off funding for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency known as UNRWA, which was established to aid the 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were forced from their homes during the war surrounding Israel’s establishment in 1948. It provides education, health care, food and other assistance to some 5.5 million refugees and their descendants in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The U.S. was UNRWA’s major donor and the loss of funds has created a financial crisis for the agency.

The Trump administration closed the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington in September 2018, effectively shutting down the Palestinians’ diplomatic mission to the United States.

Why did Trump cut off funding for UNRWA? Is it that he’s an inhuman monster? Or was UNRWA assisting the Hamas terrorists?

Heritage Foundation:

Substantial evidence indicates that the UNRWA has contributed to Palestinian extremism. For instance:

  • The agency has and likely continues to employ individuals affiliated with Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist extremist group in control of Gaza designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, Israel, and the European Union and that refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

  • There have been frequent claims (backed by evidence) that Palestinian schools administered by the UNRWA, have used textbooks and allowed the presence of materials that delegitimize Israel, denigrate Jews, and venerate martyrdom.

  • The UNRWA encourages the Palestinian fixation on a “right to return” to Israel, which impedes negotiations for a permanent peace agreement.

  • Hamas has used the agency’s facilities and schools to store weapons and divert assistance to its purposes.

If the Palestinians are ever able to throw off the yoke of Hamas and the PLO and embrace the future of their people, not dwell in the past, there might be hope for a meaningful peace between the Palestinian people and the Jewish state.

But the terrorists have the guns and have shown in the past how brutally they deal with “traitors” who advocate peace. Until then, Israel and her friends may want to stay alert and keep their powder dry. With friends like Biden, the terrorists are likely to become bolder.

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Five Days After Riots in Seattle, Portland, Biden Finally Condemns the Rioters

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Stephen Miller Explains Biden’s Immigration Order

Former Trump administration staffer Stephen Miller appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to detail the impact of President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on immigration enforcement. While Biden billed the order as a temporary halt on deportations for 100 days, it appears to include much more. Biden may not be abolishing Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE); he is just ensuring they have nothing to do.

Host Tucker Carlson began with an update on a story that broke last week. The Biden administration sent a directive to ICE detention centers instructing them to release all detainees obtained by the host. The order read:

“As of midnight tonight, stop all removals. This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights and commercial removals (until further notice) … all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

The email goes on to say: “Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

DHS officials corrected this, and Carlson said operational procedures were in development. Those procedures will include the release of detainees at risk for COVID-19 who are over 55 or have diabetes or high blood pressure, according to the clarification he received.

Miller came on following the correction to explain in explicit detail what the new order means for immigration enforcement, and even Carlson seemed shocked. Carlson asked him to detail the implications. Miller said:

This is the most extreme directive, I would argue, really in the history of modern law enforcement that has ever been issued. Let me break it down for everybody. Acting Secretary [David] Pekoske issued a memorandum on the evening of January 20th, the day of the inauguration, putting into place a 100-day deportation moratorium.  There’s very narrow exceptions in that memorandum that would apply to only a handful of people in a given year. It would be terrorists and spies, really extraordinary cases.”

So, what will happen to the vast majority of detainees? According to Miller’s full explanation, it sounds like many will have to be released at some point. Miller said that of the 180,000 people ICE removed last year, 92% were charged or convicted of committing a crime. ICE would not be able to remove these people now because of the moratorium. According to Miller, there is no exception allowing the removal of criminal illegal immigrants in the memo.

He went on to explain what this means operationally:

“What it means Tucker, is that the work of ICE officers will grind to a halt beginning February 1st. Why February 1st?  because that is the date by which ICE has to come up with implementing guidance for the memo. And so, every sheriff’s office, every police department, every correctional facility in the country, that for years has been handing over illegal aliens to ICE to pick them up and take them home, which is the bread and butter of ICE’s work; all of those people will not get picked up anyomre.”

Miller explained that ICE detention is not a jail. ICE officers are not allowed to arrest someone whom they cannot deport according to immigration law. Last year, local law enforcement handed over about 12,000 criminals based on ICE detainers. Now they will be released into the community. ICE may not take custody if it is unable to deport them. Miller also noted the number might be higher, perhaps up to 15,000, because last year’s number was lower due to COVID-19.

Under the terms of the memo, ICE is also explicitly prohibited from removing visa overstays. So a student or foreign worker who enters the country on a temporary visa no longer needs to leave by the expiration date. Miller also noted that worksite enforcement doesn’t exist anymore.

As of January 20th, Joe Biden has declared there is no more workplace immigration law. You as a U.S. citizen do not have the protection of your laws. Your civil rights do not matter.

If ICE cannot deport anyone, the agency cannot detain illegal immigrants at a workplace or even at a courthouse. Additionally, illegal immigrants who fail to show up for immigration court will not be removed. Even if they do show up and are ordered to be removed and do not leave, ICE may not detain them.

The order eliminated the “Remain in Mexico” policy where migrants would stay on the other side of the border while awaiting their hearings. This policy and other Trump administration actions encouraged Mexico to secure its southern border adequately, stopping caravans from Central and South America. Additionally, in 2018, a poll showed that 7 in 10 Mexican citizens wanted the caravans to stop, incentivizing elected officials to act.

However, as the Biden administration imposed the moratorium on deportations and hinted that amnesty may be on the horizon, a second caravan has formed. The Guatemalan military broke up the first one, estimated to be 8,000 people, sending the caravan back to Honduas. In interviews, migrants cited economic reasons for attempting to get to the U.S. border. Guatemalan officials say 3,000 to 3,500 had made it into the country’s interior.

It is unbelievable that Americans have to rely on Mexico and our Central American neighbors to secure their borders to prevent ours from being overwhelmed. This executive order is far more radical than the Obama-era policy of catch-and-release. In practice, the new order eliminates the “catch” portion of the process and incentivizes continued migration.

In under a week, President Biden has made our country less secure and will create competition for low-wage workers in the wake of a pandemic. And this is only the beginning.

WATCH the full segment here.

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Judge Blocks Biden Deportation Moratorium

On the very first day of Joe Biden’s presidency, acting Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske ordered the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to deport any illegal aliens except in limited circumstances such as terrorism or espionage. Attorney General Ken Paxton (R-Texas) challenged the order in court and on Tuesday, a federal judge barred the federal government from enforcing the deportation moratorium.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the Biden administration from halting deportations, the Associated Press reported.

Under Trump, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) signed agreements with at least four states — Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, and Texas — giving those states a 180-day consultation period before taking any action to “reduce, redirect, deprioritize, relax, or in any way modify immigration enforcement.”

The Biden administration argued in court that the agreement is unenforceable because “an outgoing administration cannot contract away that power for an incoming administration.” Paxton, however, argued that “refusal to remove illegal aliens is directly leading to the immediate release of additional illegal aliens in Texas.”

“Border states like Texas pay a particularly high price when the federal government fails to faithfully execute our country’s immigration laws. Your attempted halt on almost all deportations would increase the cost to Texas caused by illegal immigration. DHS itself has previously acknowledged that such a ‘pause on . . . removals’ will cause ‘concrete injuries to Texas,’” Paxton said in a statement last Thursday.

According to former Trump immigration staffer Stephen Miller, Biden’s order effectively blocks ICE from doing its job. If ICE cannot deport criminal aliens, sheriff’s offices and police departments cannot transfer illegal aliens who committed crimes to ICE custody. Miller predicted that under Biden’s moratorium, “the work of ICE officers will grand to a halt beginning February First,” because ICE would have to issue guidance for the memo on February 1.

If Miller’s interpretation is correct, Biden’s deportation moratorium would effectively abolish ICE without technically dissolving the federal agency. He also suggested the order entails releasing many illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes, so long as those violent crimes do not directly implicate national security.

While Biden is president and has the ability to direct the enforcement of the law, Congress has not altered immigration law to prevent the deportations of illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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How Many People Will the Democrats’ Impeachment Fetish Kill?

The Democrats Don’t Care If You Die

Happy Wednesday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s OK, you don’t have to remove your shoes. Feet gross me out.

Who’s ready for week two?

No, seriously, I checked the calendar, it’s only been that long. I’ve never found myself wishing that we are sims more than this past week. It’s time for the alien teenager playing the game to get bored and start us over.

As we travel through the Weirdesphere that is Harris-Biden Hell it’s important to keep our heads on a swivel so we can avoid getting hit by goal posts that the Democrats are forever moving. It’s a world full of new rules that are being changed about every hour or so since last Wednesday. The constantly shifting landscape can be rather dizzying at times. If you check out for even an hour or two you might return to find that we’ve all been given a new playbook for this highly divisive political game we’re playing.

This is more confusing for conservatives and Republicans. We prefer to have some structure over here on this side of the aisle. And consistency. That sort of thing.

The Democrats are bound by no such thing, They want power. They will say and do anything to get and keep it. It’s popular to say that all politicians in Washington are like that, and it may be true to an extent. There are, however, widely varying degrees, The Democrats are hanging out at the corner of Godless and Shameless for this one.

Right now, they would have us believe that they are firmly encamped on the moral high ground and that’s why they’re proceeding with Impeachment 2, B.S. Boogaloo.

As Brits from 1950 liked to say: poppycock.

Yeah, I know the story. They keep insisting that President Trump was responsible for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, which is garbage. The quickest way to know it’s false is that Jake Tapper keeps saying it’s so.

The real reason they are going ahead with this is that — as we discussed yesterday — Democrats have an unhealthy obsession with Trump and it won’t be going away any time soon. That’s it. Nothing more. They’re not driven by principles because they don’t have any.

The impeachment charade is the first of two big betrayals of the sales pitch they gave the American people to help get Biden into the White House. We were told that America was deeply divided and — again — it was all President Trump’s fault. The pitch was that we needed him out of Washington in order for the nation heal and move on.

Apparently the Democrats have not moved on from him.

The other betrayal has to do with the pandemic. I’m going to go with the Democrats’ rules for my indignation here.

We were constantly told throughout last year that every moment President Trump and Republican leadership weren’t spending dealing with COVID-19 was directly responsible for people getting sick and dying. “Blood on their hands” was an oft-used phrase.

We were led to believe that the new president and congressional leadership would be fixing their gazes on dealing with the pandemic.

Maybe Joe should have directed the efforts of Pelosi and Schumer towards fulfilling that promise.

Every moment they waste on impeachment is killing Americans.

Again, they’re rules, not mine.

Oh, here is a list of the Republicans with blood on their hands.

Here’s to a big finish to the week. I’m putting together a résumé to wow them for the entertainment director position at the gulag.

I Spent Half of Jr. High Listening to Cheech and Chong

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My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Won’t Bend to Twitter’s Ban

The “My Pillow” guy’s social credit score has taken a hit after Twitter scrubbed him for talking about — shhh! — election fraud.

Mike Lindell’s personal Twitter account was permanently scrubbed from the social media site for discussing fraudulent votes in the 2020 presidential election. The My Pillow CEO, a good friend and supporter of former President Trump, has claimed there’s ample evidence pointing to voter chicanery.

Dominion Voting Systems considered suing Lindell for trash-talking their product.

On Tuesday, Lindell said on the Rush Limbaugh radio program that he won’t stop talking about vote fraud.

I did nothing wrong. I only talked about these machines.

Twitter took this to mean that Lindell’s opinion was enough to “risk … further incitement of violence,” which the company cited as the reason it canceled him.

Lindell claimed on the radio show, guest-hosted on Tuesday by Mark Steyn, that during a previous suspension, when he was unable to see the activity on his account, someone – he believes Twitter – tweeted and retweeted “politically correct” comments while passing themselves off as him.

People were saying to me, “Mike, why aren’t you giving us the news?”

He said that’s when he learned that someone had been using his account.

That’s like identity fraud. That’s criminal.

He said that he’s not a politically correct guy.

Indeed, the same social media companies that have been cutting off conservatives and doing the so-called “fact-checking” on these elections complaints donated heavily – millions of dollars – to the Biden campaign. One tech expert believes Big Tech’s algorithmic manipulations moved “at least six million votes to Biden.” And who can forget the executive who seemed to break into tears at a Google company meeting over the election? I guess the company officer speaking at an official company meeting thought the people who work there were just as sad as she was … or else.

The merits of many of the election fraud cases were not considered in several key election cases, where states changed election rules due to COVID-19. Most of the election-related lawsuits were tossed due to issues of legal standing. The rules, by-and-large, adopted full-scale mail-in ballots, relaxed signature verification, and extended deadlines.

Twitter hasn’t substantiated its conclusion that Lindell’s election fraud tweets would “incite” violence.

Now that the election is over and Joe Biden has been installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, COVID rules have been relaxed in California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Maybe even voting will go back to the way it was pre-pandemic.

Lindell claimed that bot factories continue to agitate for stores to cancel their orders with his company and he’s suing The Daily Mail for “doing a hit job” on him.

While the Left crows about its latest scalp in the great culture war reset, perhaps another swath of Twitter users will peel off the platform.

As Mark Steyn remarked after Lindell’s appearance, one thing’s for sure:

He’s not getting the best sleep in the whole wide world because people are out to get him.


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Trump won’t get credit, but US will be first Western nation to crush COVID

Over at Asia Times, I report that the Europeans now think America will be the first Western country to eliiminate COVID-19. By midyear more than two-thirds of Americans will have resistance to the virus due to either vaccination or past infection, enough to achieve herd immunity. Europe by contrast can’t get its act together. East Asia controlled the virus by other means but will remain vulnerable to future outbreaks.

That’s due in large part to Operation Warp Speed. Donald Trump will never get the credit he deserves for this.

An excerpt from the article appears below (follow the link to read the whole report at Asia Times).

Combination of vaccination and past infection may immunize two-thirds of population by mid-2021


Uwe Parpart and David P. Goldman

Europe’s bungled rollout of coronavirus vaccines makes it likely that the United States will be the first big Western nation to eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic, German immunologists told Asia Times in interviews this week. Although Germany showed much lower infection and mortality rates during the first wave of the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, Europe’s failure to source and distribute vaccine on a scale sufficient to dent the pandemic gives the United States a clear lead.

The US is vaccinating its population at three times the rate of France and Germany, according to the Our World in Data website. The only country acting faster is the United Kingdom, with a daily vaccination rate of 0.5 doses per 100 people.

A combination of vaccination and past infection may immunize two-thirds of America’s population against the virus by the middle of 2021, one German virologist explained. That should be sufficient to give America “herd immunity,” slowing the future spread of the virus to very low levels.With 25 million confirmed cases and over 150,000 new cases per day, the United States will have more than 50 million inhabitants with resistance to the virus due to past exposure. The US has vaccinated 20 million people in under four weeks, and at the present rate of 6 million vaccinations per week, an additional 170 million Americans will be resistant by the end of the second quarter of this year. By that projection, 220 million of America’s 330 million inhabitants, or two thirds of the total, will be resistant, and America will achieve herd immunity.

Virologists believe that  “herd immunity” will be achieved when somewhere between 43% and 60% of the population becomes resistant to COVID-19.

This advantage, to be sure, came at a high price. America has had 1,300 deaths per 1 million inhabitants during the past year, exceed only by the UK (at 1,471 deaths), Italy (at 1,431 deaths), and Belgium (at 1,791 deaths) among the major industrial countries. And the US has the highest proportion of confirmed cases per population of any large country. The high rate of past exposure contributes to future immunity.

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Ten Reasons a Post-Presidency Impeachment of Barack Obama Should Happen

With the Senate looking to be on the verge of starting an impeachment trial for President Trump over bogus allegations that he incited the assault on the Capitol on January 6, Democrats have established the precedent that even after a president is out of office that they must held accountable for alleged crimes committed during their presidency.

“If it is a good idea to impeach and try former presidents, what about former Democratic presidents when Republicans get the majority in 2022?” asked Senator John Cornyn as an ominous warning to Chuck Schumer. “Think about it and let’s do what is best for the country.”

Cornyn’s message was clear. The Democrats, in proceeding with this impeachment, will have opened Pandora’s Box. While it’s hardly a sure thing that Republicans would have the courage to impeach former Democrat presidents once they are back in the majority (let alone a current one) the possibility is now there.

Cary Elwes, the actor most famous for his role as Westley in The Princess Bride, scoffed at Cornyn’s hypothetical. “And what would you try to impeach former Democratic Presidents for?”

Well, that’s the question I’m about to answer. The most obvious former Democrat president who could be and should be impeached despite already having left office is Barack Obama. While Democrats are most likely motivated by their desire to prevent President Trump from running for president again, there are other benefits given to former presidents that would be taken away upon conviction, and given his many impeachable acts while in office, the post-presidency impeachment of Barack Obama would hopefully set an example for future presidents.

So, below, I’ve compiled ten things Barack Obama could be impeached for once Republicans retake the majority in the House.


10. Illegally firing an Inspector General to protect a sex predator

In his first year in office, Barack Obama illegally fired Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Walpin’s only crime was that he was investigating Obama’s friend and donor, Kevin Johnson. Johnson had misused federal grant money for AmeriCorps by funneling it to his personal nonprofit group, paying for political activity, and using it to pay hush money to underage girls he’d sexually abused. After Walpin recommended charges against Johnson, Obama, in violation of federal law, fired him. An investigation by Congress into the illegal firing was met with stonewalling by the Obama White House, and the withholding of documents. The Obama White House also deliberately misled Congress about the reasons for the firing.

If breaking the law to protect a donor and ally who had misused federal grant money and sexually abused three underage girls doesn’t merit impeachment, what does? After all, Obama and his appointees misled and stonewalled Congress in an attempt to cover up his own illegal behavior.


9. His war on cops

Seeing as Democrats say that Trump’s rhetoric “incited an insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol as the primary reason for their second bogus impeachment,  it’s more than fair to say that Obama should be equally held accountable for his rhetoric as president which inspired a war on cops, resulting in a spike in assassinations of police officers nationwide. As PJM’s Stephen Kruiser noted back in September, the Black Lives Matter movement may never have happened without Obama. His anti-police rhetoric began in the early months of his presidency when he blamed Cambridge police for a confrontation with an African-American Harvard professor despite not having seen all the facts. And the impact of Obama’s “leadership” on race relations was an absolute failure. According to Justice Department statistics, ambushes of police climbed 25 percent between 2008 to 2013 over the previous ten-year period.

In July 2016, after five police officers were murdered and nine others wounded in Dallas, Texas, William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, blamed Obama. “I think [the Obama administration’s] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible.” Johnson added, “It’s a war on cops, and the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war.”

Throughout his presidency, Obama helped promote the narrative that our system of justice is racist, even during his final days in office he used that bogus narrative to justify his record number of pardons and commutations of prison sentences.

Barack Obama has blood on his hands, and he must be held accountable.


8. Illegal treaties

Barack Obama illegally entered the United States into two treaties while in office, the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran Nuclear Deal. Both meet the definition of a treaty under the  Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which states that a treaty is  “an international agreement concluded between [two or more] States in written form and governed by international law.”

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of United States Constitution explains unambiguously how United States can enter treaties. It says that the president “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur.”

But neither of those treaties were ever ratified by the U.S. Senate. Barack Obama knew that getting two-thirds of the Senate to ratify either would be impossible. So, rather than make the case for ratification of either, he simply pretended that they weren’t treaties at all, specifically avoiding referring to them as such.

Like all presidents, Obama took an oath to abide by the Constitution and blatant act to bypass the constitutional process for entering into treaties should never have gone unpunished.


7. The Sestak bribery scandal

Barack Obama violated at least four federal laws back in 2010, for offering then-congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) a job in his administration in exchange for not challenging Arlen Specter for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Specter had recently switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party, and that switch was contingent on support from Obama. Obama’s then-spokesman Robert Gibbs wouldn’t confirm or deny that any offer was made, but was never asked if Obama would resign after Sestak made his bombshell allegation, even after months of the Obama White House stonewalling a congressional investigation. Nor did they ask after the Obama White House finally admitted that Sestak was indeed offered a federal job to stay out of the election, but only after Sestak defeated Specter in the primary. The media was quick to accept the White House version of events, including the “everybody does it” excuse, and they accepted the White House claim that nothing improper happened. Even Republicans lost interest in pursuing the story after Sestak was defeated in the general election by Republican Pat Toomey. But bribery is a crime, and Barack Obama committed it. He must be held accountable.


6. Rampant obstruction of justice

Obstruction of justice was the standard operating procedure in the Obama administration from day one. In August 2014, 47 of 73 inspectors general wrote an open letter to Congress informing them that the Obama administration was obstructing investigations by not giving them full access to the information they need to investigate properly. Such a letter was unprecedented, and the systemic corruption and obstruction of the inspectors general would have been considered an impeachable defense for almost any other president. That letter should have resulted in the appointment of a special counsel… but Attorney General Eric Holder, who famously called himself Obama’s wingman, wasn’t going to let that happen. Neither Holder or Loretta Lynch, Obama’s second attorney general, ever appointed a special counsel, despite ample times where one should have been appointed. Obama didn’t just appoint attorneys general to lead the Justice Department, he appointed protectors to keep himself from being held accountable for corruption. Such rampant obstruction of justice should have prompted impeachment hearings right then and there.


5. Spying on the media

The media loved Obama, but Obama didn’t love them back. In fact, Obama abused the Espionage Act to target reporters and their sources. Less than six months into Obama’s second term we learned that his Justice Department secretly obtained two months of phone records of AP reporters and editors. One consequence of this Obama administration spying was that longtime sources stopped talking to the Associated Press and other news organizations.

Obama’s Justice Department also secretly obtained then-Fox News reporter James Rosen’s phone records, tracked his movements, and read his emails while investigating possible leaks of classified information to Rosen for an article on North Korea’s nuclear program. Rosen was also threatened with jail time when the Obama Justice Department labeled him a “co-conspirator” with one of his sources who was charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 for leaking the information to Rosen. Another journalist, James Risen of the New York Timeswas similarly treated as a co-conspirator with a government source indicted by the Obama administration under the Espionage Act. Risen was subpoenaed, and originally compelled to testify against one of his sources.

Trump got a lot of flak for calling the media “the enemy of the people” but Barack Obama, despite the love he received from the media, abused his power to spy on them when they deigned to hold him accountable for something.


4. The illegal war in Libya

Democrats often tried to paint the War in Iraq as an illegal war, despite the fact that Congress approved of it, and used that as a basis for calling for George W. Bush’s impeachment. But, when Obama didn’t even go to Congress to start a war in Libya, you didn’t hear any such calls.

Even if you forget the disaster that became of Obama’s war in Libya, what seems to be forgotten is that we never should have been there in the first place. Obama knew Congress was not going to approve of military action in Libya, so instead of going to them for an official declaration of war, he went to the United Nations to get authorization to remove Muammar Gadhafi from power—bypassing Congress’s authority, and as The Washington Times put it, “dilut[ed] the sovereign power of the United States.”

Obama’s illegal war in Libya proved to be a total disaster. The killing of Gaddafi ultimately led to the destabilizing of the country, enabling ISIS to expand its territory there.

As National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy noted in an interview with PJ Media in 2014, “Obama had no authority to commence that war. It was done under circumstances where it was clear that it would empower anti-American Jihadists. They follow it up by this really recklessly irresponsible failure to provide protection for the personnel who are mysteriously assigned to Benghazi, which is one of the most dangerous places on the planet.”

This brings us to the next impeachable offense.


3. The Benghazi attack cover-up

The terror attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya in on September 11, 2012 not only threatened the Obama-Biden administration narrative that al Qaeda had been crippled and that they were making progress in the War on Terror, but it also threatened their reelection. So, they lied about it. They called it a spontaneous demonstration to hide the fact it was a pre-planned terror attack and that they were grossly unprepared for such an attack. So, when Congress investigated, the Obama-Biden administration obstructed their investigation with vigor. They attempt to excuse their obstruction by saying they were launching an internal investigation, which was a complete joke because we know how their internal investigations go. State Department employees weren’t allowed to testify, and Hillary Clinton deleted thousands of subpoenaed emails. And an innocent man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was scapegoated and imprisoned by the Obama administration, who blamed his short film “The Innocence of Muslims” for the attack. He now lives in a homeless shelter. Imagine an administration so desperate to cover up its failure that they jailed an innocent man and destroyed his life. You don’t have to imagine it, Barack Obama did it.


2. The IRS targeting scandal

Amazingly, liberals still pretend the IRS improperly targeting conservative and Tea Party groups wasn’t a scandal. Lest they forget that Lois Lerner, the former director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division at the time, admitted it happened! Not only were tea party groups improperly targeted, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, but the whole scheme was also orchestrated out of Washington, D.C. There was also evidence of White House involvement. Then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was at the White House at least 157 times while the IRS was targeting tea party groups. Obama’s cabinet members didn’t even visit the White House that often. Some IRS employees even claimed that Obama himself requested the crackdown of tea party groups. There was certainly ample reason to suspect coordination with the White House. The IRS was also exchanging confidential taxpayer information with the White House the year Obama and Biden were reelected, and according to a scholarly study conducted in 2013 by the American Enterprise Institute, the suppression of the tea party movement by Obama’s IRS helped him get reelected.


1. Obamagate

The spying on President Trump’s campaign alone is chock full of abuses of power and illegal activity that this alone should be enough to impeach and convict Barack Obama. The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign based on a bogus dossier funded by the Hillary campaign. The Obama administration used the dossier, that they knew was Russian disinformation ginned up to distract from Hillary’s email scandal, to obtain a FISA warrant even though they never had any empirical evidence of collusion. Further, evidence that Russia actually preferred Hillary over Trump was allegedly suppressed by Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan. The Obamagate scandal runs deep, wide, and dirty.

It also went straight to the top.

Documents declassified in May 2020 proved that Barack Obama was aware that his administration was spying on Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, whose communications with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were illegally leaked to the media to bolster the bogus claims of Russian collusion between Trump and Russia. Obama’s direct knowledge of the details of Flynn’s wiretapped calls even shocked his then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Obama had fired Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 in order to protect Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Evidence that the Obama administration intended to catch Flynn in a perjury trap or get him fired was also exposed, prompting Trump’s Department of Justice to drop the case against Flynn. And Obama’s direct knowledge of the attempt to railroad Flynn proved that the effort to undermine Trump went all the way to the top.

What began as a means to undermine Trump before the 2016 election ultimately became a means to undermine his presidency. The Mueller investigation, a 22-month effort to uncover alleged Russian collusion, predictably turned up nothing. There’s a lot more to this scandal, and much more we haven’t learned about yet, but there’s an ongoing investigation by John Durham, who was named special counsel late last year, of the alleged abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the DOJ and FBI. Based on what we already know, Obamagate is, without a doubt, the biggest political scandal of our lifetimes. It’s frightening enough to think that the campaign of a presidential candidate was spied on based on a bogus pretext, but even more frightening is the fact of Barack Obama not being held accountable for it.

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Matt Margolis is the author of Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on TwitterFacebookParlerGabMeWeHeroesRumble, and CloutHub.


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After a Deadly End to 2020, 2021 Starts Off With Startling Spikes in Violent Crime

During 2020, we saw a spike in violent crime and homicide in American cities of all sizes. Months of riots and mass protests this summer demonized police officers as racist nationwide. Compounding the problems caused by that narrative, lockdowns caused many urban governments to experience budget shortfalls. Local Leaders slashed police department budgets out of financial necessity or pure political pandering. As a result, the start of 2021 is shaping up to be just as violent, if not worse.

In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, Manhattan Institute Fellow and a contributing editor of City Journal Heather Mac Donald asserts that the media and politicians’ constant demoralization of police officers is as much to blame and the mayhem we saw this summer.

She combated the idea that the pandemic’s economic and social strain was the driving factor by noting crime was down in the first months of shutdowns. At the end of May, violent crime started to rise while the nationwide protests and riots began in response to George Floyd’s death in police custody. Eighteen people were murdered in Chicago alone on May 31st. That was the most violent day in that city in six decades.

The narrative that police were systemically racist began under President Barack Obama. After Obama inserted himself into a few situations involving law enforcement and showed he was willing to be critical of them, the media followed suit. They pushed the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative in the story of an officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown. Later, the idea that Officer Darin Wilson shot Michael Brown with his hands raised in surrender was disproven by eyewitnesses and forensic evidence. By then, the damage was done even though Wilson was acquitted. Not even Eric Holder’s DOJ could find cause to charge him.

What resulted after that was commonly referred to as the “Ferguson Effect.” After their department was turned upside down by the DOJ and declared systemically racist, officers in Ferguson became demoralized. They started to make cost-benefit analyses in how they handled routine stops. The political and legal system was against them, and they could lose their careers, reputations, and even their freedom if a typical interaction went sideways. Routine stops and enforcement declined, and crime went up.

The same systemic racism narrative continued with the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. The initial video clip was horrific, and it appeared Officer Derick Chauvin had either suffocated Floyd with a knee on his neck or contributed to his death by his actions. The entire nation erupted, and the media narrative and political narrative became that not only were police agencies systemically racist, but officers were also prone to indiscriminately shooting unarmed black men. Later the entire video leaked, showing Floyd acting strange, followed by the autopsy results showing a potentially fatal dose of fentanyl in his system. This additional information makes the most severe charges against Chauvin much weaker.

There is no data to back up the claim that police shoot unarmed black men more often than others. However, protesters streamed into the streets under the banner of Black Lives Matter, which had burst onto the national scene after Michael Brown’s death. Police agencies nationwide were condemned by their local political leaders and the media to serve a fact-free narrative.  Local leaders even ignored violence against officers in cities like Portland and New York, and resignations and retirements skyrocketed.

High-profile police-involved shootings in Atlanta and Kenosha, Wisconsin, fed the narrative. Atlanta had several chaotic nights at the scene of the shooting of Rayshard Brooks, resulting in the death of an 8-year-old girl. The DA charged the officer involved with murder, which video evidence does not support. The media and politicians fed the country a narrative that Kenosha police shot an unarmed Jacob Blake who was only there to break up a fight. Kenosha burned before the news that Blake had violated a restraining order and was armed with a knife came to light.

The Ferguson Effect went nationwide. Mac Donald reports one Oakland, California officer put it this way:

An Oakland, Calif., officer who has arrested dozens of known murderers and gang members over his career tells me he is scared for the first time, “not because the criminals are necessarily more violent, even though they are.” But if he has to use force on a resisting suspect, he could lose his career, his life, or his liberty, he says. A “simple cost-benefit analysis” recommends simply responding to calls for service and collecting a paycheck. “All cops now understand this.”

As a result of this understandable self-preservation among officers, 2021 is shaping up in much the same way that 2020 ended. A smattering of available statistics for the first few weeks of 2021 are startling:

Shootings in South Los Angeles rose 742% in the first two weeks of the year. In Oakland, homicides were up 500% and shootings up 126% through Jan. 17. In New York, murders were up 42% and shooting victims up 15% through Jan. 17. Carjackings, already up 135% in Chicago in 2020, are spilling into the city’s suburbs. On Jan. 16, a woman was pulled from her car in Aurora, Ill., and shot in the back by carjackers who had already stolen two vehicles earlier that day. Four other Chicago suburbs were hit that weekend. In Chicago proper, there have been 144 carjackings through Jan. 21, with 166 guns recovered.

President Biden and his administration do not appear to acknowledge these facts or plan to restore law and order to our cities. He and running mate Kamala Harris made a shocking ad this summer that supported the narrative that all cops are racist, and all black people had a reason to be afraid. The man who is now president said, “Why in this nation do black Americans wake up knowing they could lose their life in the course of just living their life?” It only got worse from there:

National standards on the use of force, conditioning police funding on adopting that standard, and making it easier to prosecute police officers criminally were their proposals. Biden said it was about racial justice, which means unequal justice. This week, he will form a commission on policing, which is likely to include radical activists.

High-profile trials of police officers in Minneapolis and Atlanta are likely this year. Convictions on the most serious charges are not expected for either officer. The  Atlanta officer stands a good chance of being acquitted altogether. It does not appear President Biden has a plan to calm tensions or support law enforcement before it happens. And perhaps the most tragic irony is listening to Black Lives Matter activists is costing black lives in some of our now more dangerous cities.

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National Guard Remains Deployed in Washington D.C. Without a Clear Mission or End Date

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San Antonio Suspect Livestreams VIDEO as He Runs From Police Until it Ends in a Shootout

On Tuesday, what began as a fairly routine police stop ended in shots fired, a lengthy chase, and a shootout near schools — all livestreamed to the suspect’s personal Facebook page. That suspect, identified on his Facebook page as Felix Santos of San Antonio, Texas, is clearly seen waving a revolver out of his car window as he shouts at police to “back off” during the pursuit on a major highway and through residential areas. He livestreamed it all, including the reason he chose to turn the stop into a dangerous armed pursuit that may have ended his life.

The chase began on Tuesday morning at about 10 AM. According to local media reports, Santos was stopped for a parole violation in Pleasanton, Texas, south of San Antonio. According to police he got out of his pickup truck, then jumped back into it and fled.

Vehicles from the Department of Public Safety and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office followed a white pick-up truck on I-10 and I-35 around 10:45 a.m. The suspect, who had an active warrant for a parole violation, is accused of shooting at officers while trying to flee on the highway.

At least a dozen law enforcement vehicles were following the truck. Moments later, the vehicle exited and stopped near school. A BCSO public information officer said the driver got out of the truck with a weapon in hand and threatened deputies. Six deputies struck the suspect, who appears to be in his 30s to 40s, according to BCSO.

At the :42 second mark, he shouts at police to back up. He extends his arm waving the gun out of his window. He pulls his arm and the gun back into the car at about the :54 mark. Amazingly, he aims his phone camera so it will capture him waving the gun out of the vehicle.

Man waves revolver out of his car window as he leads police on a long chase through San Antonio, Texas, January 26, 2021.

At the 1:24 mark, he spots a news camera crew on the side of the highway and shouts “I’m on the news!” followed by a racist epithet. At several points he turns the camera on himself offering clear views of his face and black Air Jordan ballcap, and turns the camera to show the police cars in pursuit.

At 5:55 he tells his livestream audience he is running out of gas.

At about the 8:15 mark he shouts, apparently at police, “I’ve got two more bullets!” and taunts them with profanity. Half a minute later he taunts police again and shouts “Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” As the chase continues, he speaks to someone on the phone (he is evidently carrying at least two, one of which he uses for calls while he livestreams the chase with another) and uses the camera to show his livestream audience highway signs showing where he is.

At about the 13 minute mark he provides apparent motive for running from police, telling his passenger and the livestream audience “I’m not going back to prison. That’s what I said, when I got out. That’s what it is.”

At about the 16:30 mark, he speaks with someone via phone and tells them to bring their brother, indicating the possibility that he may have been attempting to set up an escape or ambush scenario.

At the 22 minute mark, the livestream quickly takes an ominous turn. Police had used spikes to flatten the driver side tires. The suspect was also running out of gas. He stops the truck near Allen Elementary School and says “Watch out.” He places the camera on the seat or floor and may cover it with something. Police sirens can be heard in the background. The camera captures the sound of the suspect cocking the hammer on the revolver.

He shouts “What’s up, bitches!” and the sounds of gunfire begin.

He shouts at the officers several more times, until a hail of gunfire silences him. By the 23 minute mark, the gun battle is over. An unseen police officer declares the vehicle clear just after the 24 minute mark.

One media report says the suspect fired at Bexar County Sherriff’s deputies and Texas state troopers before they returned fire.

The suspect then drove to the intersection of Dumont and Springvale, where he got out of the pickup and shot at BCSO deputies and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, Garcia said.

The deputies and troopers fired back, hitting the man several times in the upper torso, Garcia said.

Watch the entire livestream video here. Warning: Graphic language throughout.

According to local media reports, he was shot but not killed, and taken to a hospital in critical condition.

For law enforcement officers, any stop on any day can suddenly turn violent and dangerous as this one did. No officers or others were injured in this incident.

Armed Robberies Plague Austin in Multiple Areas of the City
‘Defunding’ Police Will Lead to More Violent Crime, But Don’t Ask the Mainstream Media


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Rule-Breaking Politicians

After Joe Biden’s inauguration, he ordered everyone on federal lands to wear a mask. That night, he and his family posed for pictures at the Lincoln Memorial — none of them wearing a mask.

California Governor Gavin Newsom told Californians it’s “essential” to avoid “mixing with people outside of your household.” Then he had dinner with lots of people outside his household, without masks.

You can see the mask-less governor and the Biden family in my new video.

Newsom did apologize for attending “a friend’s birthday party.” Maybe you heard about that. But you might not know that the restaurant charges $800 for dinners or that the governor’s “friend” is a lobbyist, a politically connected “fixer” who helps select Hollywood businesses get exemptions from government shutdowns.

Restaurant owner Angela Marsden, instead of hiring an expensive lobbyist, spent her money building an outdoor patio that complied with COVID-19 regulations. But then the state shut down even outdoor dining.

“I’m losing everything,” she cried in a viral video.

But the business right next door wasn’t shut down. NBC’s TV show, “Good Girls,” was allowed to set up a dining area right outside her restaurant.

“She doesn’t have a powerful team of lobbyists to argue on her behalf in the state’s capital,” points out Jarrett Stepman, a reporter who covers politicians’ hypocrisy for The Daily Signal.

California gives him plenty of fodder. San Francisco Mayor London Breed went to a party at that fancy restaurant, too.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got her hair done when California salons were closed.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves held three Christmas parties, violating his executive order limiting the number of people at gatherings.

When a reporter asked, “How is that not in conflict with the order?” Reeves responded that his parties “send a message to the people of Mississippi that you can return to a life that is somewhat normal.”

But “the people” can’t. Only politicians get to do that.

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo attended a wine and paint event, just days after tweeting, “Stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask.”

Even after a photo showed her at the event, Biden nominated Raimondo to be secretary of Commerce.

“Instead of being booted out, they get a promotion,” complains Stepman.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a 14-day quarantine for anyone going to several states, including Delaware, for “nonessential” activity. Then she went to Delaware for a Biden victory celebration, something that strikes me as “nonessential” as they get.

“I do a lot of things to advance the interests of the District of Columbia,” was Bowser’s arrogant defense. “All of them are necessary.”

If politicians do it, it’s always necessary. Rules are for the little people.

In Chicago, after politicians ordered salons closed, Mayor Lori Lightfoot still went to one for a haircut.

She defended her decision, saying: “I’m out in the public eye. I take my personal hygiene very seriously.”

Stepman says Lightfoot is a “double hypocrite” because “she was seen attending Election Day parties and giant street festivals not wearing a mask.”

The Heritage Foundation tracks such political hypocrisy, calling it “COVID Hypocrisy.” As I write, they’re up to 57 examples of “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

Stepman concludes, “It’s up to us to say, ‘You’re either going to follow these rules, change these rules, or we’re going to throw you out.’”

Throwing out these hypocrites would be a good start.

John Stossel is author of “Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media.” For other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit