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Seth Meyers traces Trump’s made-up ‘war on Thanksgiving’ back to (duh) Fox News

On Wednesday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host put forward his theory on where Trump may have gotten the “completely nonsensical” idea that people want to rename Thanksgiving. Spoiler alert that isn’t really be a spoiler alert because this should be a gimme: It was Fox News.

“One thing we know about Trump is that his brain is basically a toxic waste dump with a bunch of trash, debris, just floating around in there,” said Meyers. Yet even in chaos, ideas require a spark. In the case of Trump, that spark is usually his favorite television channel, which Meyers noted had aired a segment on the “war on Thanksgiving” earlier this month.

The Fox News segment was actually raging about a HuffPost article on the carbon footprint of traditional Thanksgiving meals, which the hosts somehow interpreted as a demand holiday dinners be cancelled. 

“There is no war on Thanksgiving,” said Meyers. “The only war on Thanksgiving is the war between sane people and racist uncles who think there’s a war on Thanksgiving!”

The whole bizarre sequence of events is basically a high-stakes game of Telephone, only everyone involved is terrible at English comprehension. Which isn’t exactly what you want from a president or a news channel.