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Roger Daltrey ‘fine’ after throat surgery, talks new album

Roger Daltrey is sounding slightly croaky on the phone from London. 

But The Who lead singer is fine, he insists, after a laser procedure to remove pre-cancerous cells from his throat, which has had him on vocal rest for more than a week. The annual doctor checks, and operations, have become a regular part of life for Daltrey, 75, since cells were first discovered and removed in 2009.

“I’ve got the usual cold that I end up with after I have it, but I’ll be fine,” says Daltrey, “I just have to be kind to myself for a couple of months, no singing for six weeks minimum.”

However, Daltrey sounds powerful from the first track on The Who’s self-titled album with songwriter guitarist Pete Townshend. The band’s first offering in 13 years officially dropped today, and Daltrey spoke about it with USA TODAY.

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