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Poll: Democrats consider Obama a better president than George Washington

Last month, I noted with dismay that, in a survey, a majority of Republicans deemed Donald Trump a better president than Abraham Lincoln. It’s only fair for me to note, with even more dismay, that most Democrats who participated in a new survey deemed Barack Obama a better president than George Washington.

The survey comparing Obama and Washington is from Monmouth University. It found that among Democratic voters, the “Father of Our Country” trails Obama by 29 percent to 63 percent.

By contrast, Republicans in the survey held that Washington is a better president than Trump. The margin was 44-37. Many of the remaining 19 percent may have thought that the question was better left unanswered.

I conclude that, although the Trump cult of personality is strong, the Obama cult of personality is stronger.

BY THE WAY: The same Monmouth survey asked Democrats whom they preferred in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes. Here are these results for the eight leading candidates:

Biden — 26 percent
Sanders — 21 percent
Warren — 17 percent
Buttigieg — 8 percent
Bloomberg — 5 percent
Klobuchar — 4 percent
Yang — 3 percent
Booker — 2 percent

A Monmouth poll from a month ago had Biden and Warren tied for first place at 23 percent. So the latest survey confirms that Warren is slipping.