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Police Tase, Arrest High School Band Director After Football Game

Police Tase, Arrest High School Band Director After Football Game

Police in Alabama tased and arrested a high school band director as he allegedly refused to end his band’s music performance after a high school football match, according to a statement.

The band director for Minor High School, Birmingham, instructed his band to continue performing after the game against P.D. Jackson-Olin High School contrary to multiple requests from the police, the Birmingham Police Department (BPD) statement noted. The police reportedly were trying to empty the stadium of attendees and had ended Jackson-Olin High School’s band’s performance before turning their attention to Minor High School’s band director.

The officers tried to arrest the band director for disorderly conduct but a scuffle ensued between the band director, the Birmingham Public Schools System Security personnel, and the officers, per the statement. The band director would not submit to the arresting officer but rather allegedly pushed the officer during the attempted arrest. “The arresting officer then subdued the band director with a Taser which ended the physical confrontation,” the statement noted. (RELATED: Video Shows Deadly Shooting At High School Football Game, Players And Fans Running For Their Lives)

The band director was reportedly treated at the scene and at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital. Thereafter, he was booked in Birmingham City jail and released upon posting bail. Officers presented the matter at the City of Birmingham Magistrate’s Office and obtained arrest warrants for disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest, according to the statement.

The band director was identified as Johnny Mims, Alabama Local News reported.

Birmingham Crime Watchers said it obtained a video of the moment when Mims was stunned, the taser seemingly trained on his chest.

Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, the Jefferson County Schools Superintendent, said he was gathering all the facts about the incident, and felt “it would be inappropriate to comment further until that process is complete. I urge everyone not to jump to conclusions,” per the news report.

BPD’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the incident, the BPD statement noted.

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