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Media Loses It Over Trump’s Dining Table Power Move

President Donald Trump is a master troll.

If there’s one thing he excels at, it’s goading the media into giving him free air time or simply exposing them as complete fools. Now, his latest apparent power move has the establishment media losing their collective minds.

Trump’s grievous offense? Having bigger salt and pepper shakers than everyone else.

As CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller pointed out Thursday, the president’s seasoning implements were noticeably larger than others at a meal in the White House.

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The establishment media quickly pounced on the disparity.

Business Insider jumped on the story in a piece of serious journalism that involved plenty of photos of various White House rooms, complete with salt and pepper shakers circled like aerial photos from a CIA analyst.

Voice of America White House bureau chief Steve Herman, who appears to have taken the photo that Knoller originally noticed, confirmed that Trump’s shakers were indeed bigger.

Forget impeachment. The media is going to bust Shakergate wide open.

Even Pete Souza, the chief official White House photographer for former President Barack Obama, weighed in on the matter.

“Confirming that the salt-and-pepper shakers were the same size during the Obama administration,” Souza wrote in a post containing a photo from the Obama era.

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The reasons for Trump’s large shakers are anybody’s guess.

Did Trump do this on purpose?

They could be bait for the media — an attempt to draw focus away from the impeachment circus and expose anti-Trump journalists as the clowns they actually are.

Of course, they could also be a simple set of salt and pepper shakers with no meaning at all behind them. Despite the collective efforts of the U.S. journalism community, this may be a mystery that remains unsolved.

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