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Justice Department Inspector General Finds ‘Serious Performance Failures’ in FBI’s Carter Page Probe

FBI officials made “serious performance failures” when they sought legal authorization to surveil a former Trump campaign official, according to the Justice Department’s top watchdog

But the inspector general found no documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias informed the FBI’s decision to start investigating people linked to the Trump campaign. The report also concluded that the FBI had sufficient evidence to launch its counterintelligence probe of Trump associates. 

Inspector General Michael Horowitz found “at least 17 significant errors or omissions” in the FBI’s applications to surveil ex-Trump adviser Carter Page, he wrote in the long-awaited report released Monday. 

The problems with the efforts to secure authorization were so concerning that Horowitz is opening a new audit looking at how the FBI obtains authorizations from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to surveil Americans. 

“That so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate, hand-picked teams on one of the most sensitive FBI investigations that was briefed to the highest levels within the FBI, and that FBI officials expected would eventually be subjected to close scrutiny, raised significant questions regarding the FBI chain of command’s management,” the report said.