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How some Democrats may not be united on articles

WASHINGTON – Rep. Elissa Slotkin can tell when another TV ad criticizing her recent vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has just aired in her central Michigan district: the angry calls to her congressional office spike.

As a Democrat representing a district Trump won handily in 2016, the former CIA analyst is used to navigating choppy political waters on a host of controversial issues. But now with a historic vote to impeach the president just days away, the freshman is facing the toughest moment of her nascent career on Capitol Hill.

“There’s over $1 million in attack ads running in my district on this issue. I knew when I called for an inquiry, it would be controversial,” Slotkin recently told USA TODAY. “You just have to watch my town halls to know it has been.”

She’s not alone.

Thirty other Democrats from Trump districts, most of whom are freshmen, will be casting votes on the politically volatile issue this week. With hard-liners on both sides dug in, those centrists will be the ones deciding whether Trump becomes the third president ever to be impeached.