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Declaration of a Peaceful Revolution

Democrats Continue Construction on Their High-Rise House of Lies – PJ Media

Democrats Continue Construction on Their High-Rise House of Lies – PJ Media

Having been involved in politics for almost 40 years now, I am well aware of the fact that our politicians in Washington, D.C. don’t place a premium on veracity, whether they be Republicans or Democrats. As an avowed partisan on the right, however, I’ve always thought that the Democrats are the bigger liars. They are the people who consistently refer to anything taxpayer funded as “free,” after all.

As a conservative in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, I’ve had a lot of personal exposure to Democrats and progressives. I’ve witnessed their evolution in the 21st century from both macro and micro perspectives, and it isn’t pretty from any point of view.

I’ve written a lot in the last few years about how badly Donald Trump’s election to the presidency broke a lot of people on both the right and left. It’s easy to see that as the point when the Democrats really went off the deep end, but I think it began at the beginning of the century. That’s when the Democrats first went all-in on election denial. Most Dems who were old enough to vote then still insist that Al Gore won that election.

Spoiler alert: he most certainly did not.

It was then that the Democrats really began to explore their ability to create non-realities. They were already quite skilled at it after having spent the entire Cold War insisting that the Soviet Union was simply misunderstood by us rightwing nutjobs. The skill was taken to a new level after Gore was dispatched to the private sector to seek his fortune, however.

What we’ve witnessed since 2016 has been beyond ridiculous though. It’s like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino collaborated on a political action thriller in which there were no characters to root for.

Post-Trump, Democratic politics has been built on a foundation of three big lies:

1: Russia collusion/interference got Trump elected.

2: There was an insurrection in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021.

3: Joe Biden is a mentally competent, politically moderate voice of reason.

The other lies — there is no mail ballot fraud, for example — get piled on top of the Big Three.

It’s not just that the Democrats lie with such casual abandon, it’s that they remain committed to their lies long after they’ve been proven to be wrong. Think, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” for example.

They are able to do that because they eventually believe their own lies. Democrat elites knew in 2016 that there was no Russia collusion. They were the ones who made it up. The reason that they were on board with investigating it is that the very people who concocted the lie told it so often that they made it their reality. They completely forgot that the investigation would prove them wrong.

Not to worry, their short memories enable them to continue to believe in the Great Russia Collusion Theory to this day.

As for January 6, the entire premise only works if you don’t know what the word “insurrection” means. Now, given the fact that the Democrats historically let a lot of dullards rise to the top (Pelosi and Schumer, anyone?), it’s not a stretch to think that many of them are ignorant of the word’s definition. I didn’t used to resort to referring to the political opposition as dumb, but this crew not only makes it easy, but necessary as well.

Call it a riot if you want, but I have a difficult time even going there after watching cities burn during actual riots and having the Dems refer to them as “mostly peaceful protests.” As of this writing, the United States Capitol wasn’t torched on Jan. 6, and no televisions were looted.

The insurrection lie is a backdoor fascist ploy to disenfranchise a big portion of the American electorate and to pre-tamper with the 2024 election by keeping Trump out of it. It’s all evil if you’re looking at it from an America-loving, freedom point of view.

The Biden Lie is the most insidious of them all, given the damage that the cabal that runs his empty brain has caused in such a short time. We’re practically at the point where we’d lose a war with the Turks and Caicos Islands now.

There is virtually nothing in Joe Biden’s half century long résumé that can support the claim that he’s a calm voice of reason. That didn’t prevent the Democrats from pitching him in 2020 as the kindly grandfather who would be the adult in the room compared to Trump.

Joe Biden has always been a combative, divisive spaz who has almost zero self-control. He’s the guy who was caught on a hot mic dropping an f-bomb over Obamacare. He was the Vice President of the United States and 67-years-old at the time.

So much for the “adult in the room” thing.

Biden is physically confrontational with reporters who annoy him. He’s a pathological liar. When he isn’t lying outright, he’s heavily embellishing. To any casual objective observer, he seems like a horrible human being.

But hey, kindly grandpa or something.

Once the Democrats got the fiction that was 2020 Joe Biden placed in the Oval Office, they had to keep pretending that he was all there, despite all of the televised evidence to the contrary.

There is a very real possibility that this would all be worse if the old Joe Biden were still around. He was a different kind of awful then. His creepiness around females young and old has been constant, however.

Now it seems as if the Democrats are going to stick with this fictional puppet for the 2024 election. Yes, there have been rumors lately that many believe he’s too old to run again.

Remember, they eventually believe all of their big lies. If they need to buy all the way into the Joe Biden from the Land of Make Believe, they will.

And then they’ll start adding more floors to their House of Lies.

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