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Biden’s campaign for U.S. president uses Trudeau in anti-Trump ad

OTTAWA — A video of Justin Trudeau gossiping with other world leaders about Donald Trump is featuring in an advertisement for the U.S. president’s leading political rival.

Former vice-president Joe Biden’s campaign for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination is using the recording as evidence that Trump is an international laughingstock.

The video, captured during a reception at Buckingham Palace, shows Trudeau chatting with the president of France and the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands about Trump’s long impromptu press conferences.

Biden’s ad combines that exchange with footage from a speech Trump gave to the United Nations, where leaders and diplomats in the General Assembly laughed when the president said no U.S. administration had ever accomplished as much as his had.

Trump seemed to shrug off the recording of the other leaders in London, calling Trudeau “two-faced” but also a good guy afterward.

But Trump sees Biden as such a political threat that he’s facing impeachment over apparent attempts to get help from Ukrainian authorities to damage Biden’s campaign.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. 5, 2019.