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‘He’d be there anytime I needed him’: Player defends coach fired for criticizing critical race theory

From The College Fix:

‘Shaped a lot of us kids into the men we are today’

After the Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd, progressive activists pressured K-12 schools from coast to coast to inject critical race theory into their curricula.

The Dedham school district in Massachusetts was among those giving in to activists. One parent didn’t like his daughter being taught that she was inherently racist for being white, and said so.

That’s how the 10-year football coach at Dedham High School lost his paid position.

David Flynn, who remains a special education teacher at nearby Braintree High, was more than a “great coach” to his players, one of them told The College Fix.

“[D]efinitely an amazing guy,” James Meaney, who played for Flynn early in his Dedham tenure, wrote in an Instagram message. “Shaped a lot of us kids into the men we are today. … He’d do ANYTHING for his players, on and off the field.”

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