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Fitton: Judicial Watch Seeks Release of Sally Yates Records on Her Refusal to Defend President Trump’s Travel Ban

From Tom Fitton’s Breitbart article:

It should surprise no one that on Joe Biden’s short list for attorney general was former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama holdover “who shot to national prominence after President Donald Trump fired her, making her one of the first heroes of the #Resistance.”

President Trump fired her after she refused in early 2017 to enforce his travel ban executive order. We filed an appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit in order to gain the release of Department of Justice  records about Yates’ gross insubordination.  We argue that the documents are not shielded from disclosure, as they are evidence of government misconduct by Yates.

At issue are four records described as “working drafts” of a January 30, 2017 statement by Yates instructing DOJ officials not to defend the executive order issued by then-President Trump. Trump fired Yates after she issued the one-page statement.