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House impeaches Trump for second time, 232-197, with 10 Republicans in favor

A presidency unlike any other, officially.

Trump becomes the first person in American history to be impeached twice. Yesterday I set the over/under on House Republicans voting yes at 10 and took the under. My bad: There were 10 exactly. For a few hours last night it seemed like there might be many more after Liz Cheney, the third-ranking Republican in the House, said she’d vote to impeach. That raised the possibility of a dam break among Republicans; after all, having someone in leadership out in front to take the brunt of the criticism meant rank-and-file Republicans could vote yes and hide behind her to some degree.

In the end, they barely made it to double digits. Offered the choice to squarely punish the president for egging on a terror attack on Congress or to share in his disgrace, all but 10 chose disgrace. Good luck to them on their long, pointless careers.

Of the 10, this guy deserves special recognition. Meet Peter Meijer, Iraq war vet, who just turned 33 years old. He’s a freshman — a member of Congress for 10 days. He’s also the man who replaced Justin Amash in Michigan’s Third District after Amash rendered himself unviable in the party by criticizing Trump. Think of that. MAGA chased Amash out, and then the Republican who replaced him voted to impeach today anyway. This guy has more balls and more of a moral compass than all but nine of his Republican colleagues.

Biggest vote he’ll ever take and he got it right on his 10th day as a member. His political career will be short, I assume, but it’ll be proud. How many members of Congress can say that?

I have more thoughts but will save those for updates in order to get this posted more quickly. Stand by.

Update: Today’s biggest disappointment is undoubtedly Nancy Mace, who looked to be the second freshman to vote for impeachment. Mace has been all over media this week saying the right things about how terrible the attack was and how Republicans need a reset, and even took it to QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in a private chat. Given the opportunity today to back up her words with action, she choked, offering a BS process argument about how impeachment was “rushed” to justify voting no. (It was “rushed” because Trump’s leaving in a week and there’s zero doubt about what happened and his role in it. If you’ve been around a television or on Twitter over the past 69 days, you understand why he’s being impeached for incitement.) This tweet from a lefty critic is brutal because it’s true:

She’s the new Susan Collins. What a shame.