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Senior Living: 5 important questions to ask before retirement

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Being financially comfortable is definitely important to a lasting retirement, but it is not the only thing.

The happiest and healthiest retirees these days are those Canadians who keep themselves busy and active. I know it has been hard to do with COVID, but as we slowly return to a new normal — how do you plan to make your retirement the best it can be?

Do you plan to learn new things, take up a hobby, go back to school, volunteer or continue working part-time? What is your social circle like? Do you have supportive and rewarding relationships with friends and family?

When you retire, you initially feel a sense of loss as you reorient yourself and then adapt to your new situation.

Essentially it is the next chapter of your life, with the most important non-financial aspects being that you embrace it with a positive attitude or mindset towards being busy, active and independent.

Preparing for this next chapter requires a plan and the resources to find the best solution that works.