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Best Ice Cube Trays and Molds For Any Shaped Ice

One of life’s little luxuries is having an ice maker built into your fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for all of us. That’s where ice cube trays come in. While you may think that frozen water is frozen water, some trays are better than others in not only giving you ice when you need it, but also the right shape for the job. Bigger cubes have more surface area, so they melt slower. Some trays include storage to make big batches. Whatever you need when it comes to cooling down your drink, these trays can help.


Scouted Staff Writer Dan Modlin loves the silicone ice cube trays. “I don’t care if your freezer ice machine is excellent, you still need these ice trays,” he says. “My favorite thing about them is that they each come with little lids that slide on and off easily. This makes transporting the trays full of water to the freezer easy.”


Yes, spherical ice is mostly used in cocktails, but I love using these cubes to keep my tall glasses of water ice cold. These molds are super easy to use and the spherical shape keeps the ice from melting too quickly.


Whether you’re having a party or just want to have a lot of ice on hand, this is the tray for you. The lid of this ice box is actually the mold, so you can freeze as much ice as you want and then store it in the freezer for easy access.


Not all of us want to worry about refilling trays or molds all the time. That’s where these reusable cubes come in. They’re made from BPA-free plastic and just need to be popped in the freezer between uses.


Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

I couldn’t not include some Star Wars ice cubes, which I feel are the best use of novelty ice cube trays. This pack not only comes with silicone trays in the shape of every main character you could want, there are also individual molds for more intricate designs like Artoo or the Death Star. 

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