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‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Trump for Not Helping New York With Coronavirus Due to Andrew Cuomo Feud

On the latest episode of “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” host Trevor Noah used a recent Daily Beast story as a jumping-off point to attack President Trump for refusing to help struggling states like New York during the coronavirus crisis.

“What’s most mind-blowing about Trump’s sudden impulse to get back to normal is that right now the situation is far from under control, especially right here in New York,” Noah said from his Manhattan couch, “which right now has over half the country’s coronavirus cases.”

After examining how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been openly criticizing the Trump administration’s response, Noah said, “I can see why Cuomo is pissed at Trump. If you need 30,000 ventilators, it’s insulting for someone to give you 400.” He compared it to throwing a rubber duck at a drowning victim.

“And apparently, part of the reason New York isn’t getting enough federal help,” the host continued, “is because Trump feels that Governor Cuomo is just too mean to him.” He cited the quote from an unnamed senior White House official to The Daily Beast that reads, “If you’re good and respectful to [Trump], he will treat you the same—it’s that simple.”

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