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‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Says ‘My Dad’ Knew Iowa Caucus Was ‘Garbage’

Meghan McCain has known for a long time not to trust the Iowa caucuses.

“This is a disaster,” McCain said Tuesday morning on The View after Monday night’s meltdown in the first contest of the 2020 Democratic primary race. “And Iowa should completely remove themselves from the caucus in general and turn into a primary next election cycle because they clearly can’t handle the responsibility and the gravity of this.”

“All the staffers and politicians who have gone to Iowa and spent millions of dollars, left their families, campaigned, gone to this state because they believe in the first-in-the-nation caucus status, to have this happen, it’s a load of garbage and I’m done with it,” she continued. “And I think it does a total disservice to all the candidates who have campaigned so hard.” 

Ultimately, McCain said the “person who benefits the most” is Mike Boomberg because he “removed himself” from the early state process, choosing to focus his energy nationally and on Super Tuesday in March. This reminded her of another candidate who bypassed Iowa during his multiple presidential runs.