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Schiff's closing argument to Senate Republicans: "You are decent. He is not who you are"

<![CDATA[I'm … reasonably sure he doesn't believe this, especially since there are now enough Republicans on record that they intend to vote to acquit to ensure that the president isn't removed. But it's clever of him to set up the Democrats' post-impeachment talking points this way. The goal of the "sham trial" and "cover-up!" messaging that's already rolling out is to accuse swing-state senators like Susan Collins and Cory Gardner of complicity in Trump's behavior. The more they can tie Republicans downballot to POTUS then in theory the more they can leverage Trump's personal unpopularity against them. So here's Schiff drawing a big bright-line distinction between Trump and Senate Republicans, seemingly contra the sentiment of his party's voters, and promoting it on his own Twitter feed. Truth and decency matter to you, he tells them. You're not the same as Trump.]]