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Reader Survey: Should We Add a Regular Mid-Week in Pictures?

Okay, I’ve been reading the comments, and hearing from readers, that we ought to start offering a regular Mid-Week in Pictures to go with Saturday’s legendary gallery. To be sure, the Saturday gallery has gotten quite long, though lots of readers say they like it just fine even as long as it has become. Some people say there are too many headlines in the middle, and I agree—it’s just that there are so many crazy headlines available every week that it is hard to resist! I usually don’t use up even half my inventory, but maybe we could give Florida Man a break. Maybe we should move headlines out completely into its own separate weekly feature? Also, we’ve generally avoided videos, which take time to watch. But they are often popular on the rare occasions we offer them, like last Saturday.

Trouble is, I’m quite busy early in the week right now, so it is hard to find time to assemble Wednesday TWiP. And you always want to think twice about diluting your product line—and a second TWiP offering would mean each would be shorter than Saturday’s is now. On the other hand, on a week like this you can be more timely. This week a great example! Things move so fast right now that a Monday story can be ancient history by Saturday morning. (Jennifer-Shakira who? Emily Litella: “What’s all this about the Iowa crocuses?”)

So here are a set of three separate reader polls to get direct feedback on several of these variables—or as they call it in social science, “data.” (Heh.) Comments in the usual place welcome, too. (This is a one-day poll: You have 24 hours to record your vote.)

P.S. I’m a stickler for data quality. So if we don’t get a large enough response rate/sample size, this poll will be given the Des Moines Register treatment!