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Iowa Democratic Party says to expect caucus results later Tuesday

The Iowa Democratic Party was trying to stem the chaos that resulted from their state’s caucus on Monday night — pledging to “manually” verify the data.

The party released a statement early Tuesday after a new app failed to function properly, causing a delay in the reporting of the caucus results.

Chairman Troy Price said in the statement that the party expects to release results later Tuesday.

Price also said the party is manually verifying its data against paper backups but says systems are taking “longer than expected.”

The delays were the result of a reporting issue, not a hack or intrusion, it claimed.

The party chairman addressed reporters shortly after they updated presidential campaigns about the status of the delayed results in the kickoff caucuses.

He did not take any questions in the call with reporters.

Even without official results Pete Buttigieg tried to declare victory, while Bernie Sanders released internal data that appeared to show him leading.