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He Doesn’t Have a Great History Running for President

A CNN panel criticized former vice president Joe Biden Monday night as early results from the Iowa caucus showed bad news for his campaign.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have a great history with Iowa. It’s been a state he’s lost twice,” CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger said.

“He doesn’t have a great history running for president,” anchor Anderson Cooper added.

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David Axelrod, CNN analyst and former chief strategist for President Barack Obama, said Biden’s past presidential runs failed largely because he faltered in Iowa.

Early coverage of Monday night’s events showed the Biden campaign not meeting the threshold for viability at several caucuses, foreshadowing potential trouble for the campaign.

2020 marks Biden’s third attempt at the presidency. He first ran in 1988 but dropped out before Iowa after he was accused of plagiarizing one of his speeches. During his second run, in 2008, he placed fifth in the Iowa caucus.

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