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Fact-Checking Jokes: It’s a Thing

(John Hinderaker)

As you no doubt are aware, the liberal web site has repeatedly “fact checked” satirical stories on the Babylon Bee, America’s foremost satire site, or–as Glenn Reynolds says–America’s paper of record. In a related development, and consistent with the hypothesis that liberals undergo an initiation in which any possible sense of humor is surgically removed, CNN reacted angrily to President Trump’s joke that Michael Bloomberg was looking for a box to stand on in the Democratic debates (to which, by the way, he apparently is being admitted via a rule change as part of the DNC’s “stop Bernie” hysteria). Brit Hume comments:

This is funny on several levels, one of them being Bloomberg’s claim to be 5′ 8″.

Sorry, Mike, I don’t think so.

By the way, speaking of the Bee, this story from today’s edition is pretty funny: Halftime Show Reduces Risk Of Wardrobe Malfunction By Eliminating Most Of Wardrobe.