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‘Daily Show’ Trolls the Hell Out of Trump Supporters in Iowa

It’s been nearly three years since Jordan Klepper stepped down as a correspondent on The Daily Show. So it was a special occasion when he traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, to interview Donald Trump supporters about his imminent impeachment acquittal for Monday night’s episode.

“While all eyes there have been on the Democratic candidates, a certain recently-impeached former reality-TV star showed up in town to get his own cup of Iowa nice,” Klepper said before showing a series of interviews with MAGA-heads outside the president’s rally Thursday night.

He wanted to know what Trump’s most die-hard fans made of the impeachment trial and its lack of witnesses. They were quick to call it a “joke,” a “shitshow,” and a “sham,” but when Klepper said that if Trump “didn’t do anything” we “should let everybody testify,” they got a bit confused.