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How Long Can Nancy Pelosi Can Hold Back These Articles of Impeachment? Longer Than You Think

After what Republicans like to characterize as a rush to impeachment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now getting grief from the GOP for slowing down the process. It’s driving President Trump and his allies a bit batty trying to figure out what she’s up to by holding back the articles of impeachment. 

Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer offered a benign explanation after the Dec. 19 House vote for the delay. He cited “housekeeping matters,” explaining that once the articles are sent to the Senate, the upper house has to act. It can’t do any other business until it deals with impeachment.

Democrats would like the Senate to pass the USMCA trade agreement, and maybe even vote on a House-passed prescription cost containment bill before a Senate trial gets underway. Holding onto the articles is the only leverage Pelosi has on McConnell, who says he won’t take up USMCA until after any impeachment trial.