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Terrorists Withdraw From Green Zone

(John Hinderaker)

The pro-Iranian Kataeb Hezbollah militia, which broke through one of the outer gates of the American embassy in Baghdad yesterday, has now withdrawn across the Tigris River. It isn’t clear whether the retreat was prompted by the U.S. show of force that involved sending Marines and Apache helicopters to the site, or whether there was some other motive. The militia leaders are claiming a moral victory. No doubt the Trump administration will find an opportunity, before long, to make Iran pay a price for the terrorist attack. In the meantime, assuming the attack is now over, the mini-crisis has ended happily.

Yesterday, countless Democrats were crowing over the terrorist attack, taking Iran’s side and hoping for another Benghazi. As I mentioned yesterday, “Benghazi” was the number one trending term on Twitter, with, at that time, 231,000 tweets. Nothing surprises me anymore. But how about this: has a single Democratic politician criticized those members of his or her party who apparently were cheering the prospect of American casualties? Is there a Democrat anywhere who has expressed concern about the insane hate that has overtaken that party–hate that is directed in the first instance against President Trump, but more broadly against America herself? I am not aware of any.

The Democrats, it seems to me, have gone beyond the Stalinist rule of no enemies on the left. Now, the operative principle seems to be, no criticism of anyone on the left.