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Kevin Spacey Accuser’s Estate Drops Sexual Assault Lawsuit

A lawsuit that accused the actor Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting a massage therapist in 2016 ended after the accuser’s estate dropped the case, court documents filed on Monday show.

The filing, in Federal District Court in California, said the lawsuit against Mr. Spacey, who has faced a series of sexual misconduct allegations, had been voluntarily dismissed with prejudice — meaning it cannot be brought back before the court.

“Mr. Spacey paid no money to the plaintiff,” Jennifer L. Keller, a lawyer for Mr. Spacey, said in an email on Tuesday night. “The plaintiff wished to dismiss the case and we stipulated to the dismissal to speed things up. What you see in the stipulation is all there is to see. Any reports to the contrary are false.”

(The Hollywood Reporter said on Tuesday that a “settlement” had prompted the conclusion of the case.)

A lawyer for the estate of the massage therapist, a Los Angeles County man identified in the lawsuit as John Doe, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday evening.

The massage therapist sued Mr. Spacey, 60, last January. He accused Mr. Spacey of grabbing his hand and putting it on the actor’s genitals during a massage at a home in Malibu, Calif., that had been rented by Mr. Spacey’s production company. The lawsuit claimed that Mr. Spacey groped and tried to kiss the massage therapist before offering him oral sex.

But the massage therapist died in September at 62, leaving his estate 90 days to take over as the plaintiff in the lawsuit. In November, a California Superior Court judge signed an order appointing the man’s son as the special administrator of his estate.

The case’s conclusion came less than a week after Ari Behn, a Scandinavian writer who had accused Mr. Spacey of groping him, died by suicide, according to the Norwegian news service NTB.

Mr. Spacey’s acting career, which includes a pair of Oscars, all but vanished after several people accused him of sexual misconduct.