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Roy Blunt: Democrats aren't close to making the case on impeachment

Sen. Roy Blunt on Sunday said Democrats have not yet made their case on President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

“I don’t think they came close to making the case. This is called a trial because there was really, in the Constitution, I think, no better thing to call it. But it’s a very political process,” the Missouri senator said.

Blunt pointed to five Democratic presidential candidates — Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker and Michael Bennet — who will act as jurors in the Senate during the impeachment trial.

“I was talking to a federal judge one day this week, and he said, ‘How could you call this really a trial’ — he was a federal judge for a decade or more — ‘where half of the jurors can overrule what the judge decides that ought to happen next?’ It’s not a trial in any classic sense.”

“It is a political decision to do it,” he added. And, at the end of the day, every single member of the Senate has considerations that are pretty obvious.”

Blunt wouldn’t say whether it was inappropriate for Trump to withhold military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into a leading political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. He did say that he has been unhappy with U.S. interactions with Ukraine since Russia’s annexation of the region of Crimea in 2014, during President Barack Obama’s second term.

“I don’t know that this call was a mistake. But, again, I think there are plenty of mistakes have been made by both President Obama and President Trump regarding Ukraine and how to deal with the Russian aggression in Ukraine, just like how to deal with the Russian aggression in our elections,” Blunt said.

Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine