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Our Favorite Cheese Boards and Charcuterie Boards for Any Occasion

Following a tag on Instagram is not something I had ever planned to do. That was, dear reader, until I discovered #salamiriver. What sounds like something you’d read about on Urban Dictionary is actually a collection of inspired cheese and charcuterie spreads with a vein of cured meats flowing through each one. 

If I could have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to these cheese boards, I would. And that brings me to the fact that even though I am, let’s call it dedicated, to cheeses and cured meats, I’ve never fancied myself a financier of fromage. But these photos have inspired me to step up my cheese game and invest in a board that can hold pounds of meets, carved wheels of brie, bunches of grapes, and piles of olives. And I’m here to inspire you too, with a list of some of the coolest cheese boards around to impress yourself and your guests.

Terrazzo Black Round Serving Platter

Like cheese boards, terrazzo is having a moment. This round serving platter is made from cement and terrazzo, which is scattered shards of ceramic. The neutral palette of greys and blacks means bold-colored rinds and bright fruits will pop when you place them on the platter.

Wood Party Serving Platter

This oblong serving tray has handles for easy transport from kitchen to table. It’s 20” long so that’s plenty of room for all kinds of cheese, meats, fruits, and dips. Made from a solid wood block of mango hardwood and metal handles, it’s a sturdy, durable option for any dinner party.

Wood Cheese Board and Knife Set

Most wooden options are plain-looking, but this one pairs Acacia wood with ocean-like resin along the handle. The unique tear-drop shape adds visual interest to any table, without taking up as much room as a circular board.

This bad boy is large and in charge. Described as a “‘collage’ of acacia wood in a variety of grains and colors,” this 36” cheese board can handle a huge display. Have fun mixing styles and colors with room to add decorative accents like springs of herbs or edible flowers.

Handmade from Camphor Laurel timber and inlaid with pigmented epoxy resin, this board will impress even when most of the cheese is gone. The bold river of blue resin is striking against the warm wood and will pair perfectly with the bread and crackers you add to the board.

If you’re more of a fan of marble boards, this beautifully detailed option looks best with only a few cheese options. Sleek white marble is mixed with shell and finished with brass handles to give your table a touch of glam.

Anolon Pantryware White Marble/Teak Wood Serving Board

This round option pairs teak wood with marble to offer a bold contrast. Keep the cheese on the marble side to stay cold and put the fruits and nuts on the wood. It’s easy to clean and makes a great gift.

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