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American Airlines now offers non-binary gender options for travelers

If you fly with American Airlines, you now have a choice to designate if you are non-binary with the letter “U” or “X” during your flight booking process. This is worthy of celebration, given the invasive body searches some transgender and gender nonconforming people experience when going through airport security, according to ProPublica.

But you’ll have to book your flight over the phone (who does that in this day and age?) or call American Airlines’ reservation team after you reserve your flight to access the airline’s new offering, CBS News reported. However, the option will be available on American Airlines’ website soon, USA Today added.

American Airlines isn’t the only airline to do this, though. In March 2019, United Airlines made history as the first U.S. air carrier to offer non-binary gender options. Like United, American Airlines worked with  the LGBTQ organizations The Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project to train its employees on the changes.

Hopefully more airlines will follow American and United’s leads to make airports more inclusive and less intimidating for non-binary people.