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Slade Family Back At It with Annual Christmas Card Video That Aims To Raise Money for Clean Water

As more and more of our world goes digital, so too do many holiday staples. Long Christmas letters detailing the year’s happenings have been traded for equally long Facebook posts, and holiday photo cards are starting to slow as families send digital copies rather than go through the hassle and cost of print copies.

Some still hold to the old ways, but not all the new ways are devoid of value. One family in Gilbert, Arizona, has moved to a new greeting “card” format, but they’re using their skills for the greater good.

The Slade family has become well-known for its Christmas card videos, which they started up nine years ago.

“My favorite part about it is bonding as a family and just doing something for Christmas that is helping others,” Charlie Slade told KSAZ-TV in Phoenix.

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“We are just so fortunate to have clean water and food and all of this stuff around us, and there’s so many people who don’t have access to all of that and we feel the most basic need, clean water, if we can help anyone have that, that’s just huge,” dad Micah Slade added.

Mom Whitney Slade explained that during a season that can be very self-centered and receiving-oriented, they’ve tried to focus on giving.

“It’s something that we’re trying to put out there, like you can give life,” Rhett Slade explained. “You can give to another person on the other side of the world.”

This year’s Christmas Card aims to do just that. The video — which follows the journey of a shipment of water to someone who really needed it — was posted on YouTube on Dec. 4, and the campaign took off.

“Our annual Christmas Card video is LIVE!” Micah Slade posted on Dec. 4. “We loved making this movie and hope it brings some fun to the Christmas season. More importantly we are grateful to be able to celebrate our Saviors birth and follow Him by doing our best to help our brothers and sisters with life’s most basic need, water.”

“We ask that you join us to help our brothers and sisters in need all over the world. Last year we raised over $11K lets blow that out of the water.(pun intended)”

The charity’s webpage said donations stood at just over $20,000 on Dec. 17 — already nearly double last year’s total.

“Yes! You made it to our Charity: Water Campaign page!” the page reads. “We appreciate you helping us this year with our goal of raising enough money to drill a well for a community in need of the most basic need, clean water.”

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“100% of the money will be used to build this well, and when they’re complete, charity: water will send us photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped.”

Whether or not you decide to help out the cause, you can definitely enjoy the heart and creativity displayed in the family’s video and maybe find inspiration for next year’s card.

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