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Sheertex Tights Claim to Be Invincible So We Put Them to the Test

Yep, people still wear pantyhose, and yep, people still shake their fist at the fashion gods every time they put on a pair because it’s only a matter of time (sometimes mere minutes) until a dreaded run appears.

Sheertex, which launched in 2018 and even earned accolades from TIME for being one of the year’s best inventions — claims that their $60 Classic Sheers won’t betray you like the others. However, given my personal history with pantyhose, I wasn’t 100% sold in their indestructibility, so I decided to really put them to the test.

Before I get into what might qualify as pantyhose abuse, though, let’s briefly discuss Sheertex’s patent-pending knit technology. I say briefly because the brand has kept pretty mum about how the pantyhose are crafted. What I can tell you is that they’re made from a bulletproof material that Sheertex purports is 10 times as strong as steel and that cannot be ripped apart by human hands alone.

Given that information, you’d think they weigh a ton, but the pantyhose are actually quite lightweight. In fact, they feel like regular everyday pantyhose, though at 30 deniers (that’s how thick a tight is, by the way, and for your reference, the denier range is 5 to 100.) they’re perhaps slightly opaquer compared to other pairs I’ve worn. 

Sheertex is so confident in the strength of their pantyhose that they have a 30-Day Toughness Guarantee. If you break the pantyhose within those 30 days, they’ll send you another pair for free.

I took the brand seriously on their guarantee and — spoiler alert — I’m still sitting over here with the same exact pair. That’s not for lack of destructive trying. Within seconds of unwrapping them, I had my partner stretch one leg of the pantyhose over his head (naturally, since his head is bigger than mine) and nothing. With no holding back, we also both pulled on either end to stretch them as far as we could, and they still remained intact. 

Impressed, I put them on with far less delicacy than I would any other pair and they survived (for those who wear pantyhose, the mere act of putting a pair on can induce nervous sweat). Once on, I grabbed a fistful and pulled at them with my hands, and I even used my fingernails to stretch them away from my legs. 

The bottom line: Whatever technology Sheertex has invented, it’s decades past due and a true godsend for those of us who regularly wear hose. The $60 price tag may make you clutch your pearls, but if it means you don’t have to live in fear of putting on pantyhose — and it means you won’t easily spend that much on regular replacements — I argue it’s 100% worth it.

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