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ICC Prosecutor ‘Satisfied’ Israel Commits War Crimes, Proceeds With Investigation

The International Criminal Court is investigating Israel for alledgedly committing war crimes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The ICC prosecutor on the case said she’s “satisfied” Israel has and still is committing war crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, however, said the court’s claims are unjust and said their actions signal “a dark day for justice,” speaking publicly Friday.

Netanyahu highlighted the court’s failure to adhere to it’s own policy. The Palestinian claim that Israel has been committing war crimes doesn’t comply with the international court’s rules that require the petition be submitted by a ‘sovereign state.’

“The ICC prosecutor’s decision has turned the international Criminal Court into a political tool to delegitimize the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

He continued,”The prosecutor has completely ignored the legal arguments we presented to her. She has also completely ignored history and truth when she says that the very act of Jews living in their ancestral homeland, the land of the Bible, that this is a war crime.”

Netanyahu warned the court that Israel will not be idle to it’s accusations and that they will fight for their own justice.

“We will not be silent. We will not bow our heads before this outrage. We’ll continue to speak out against this travesty of justice,” Netanyahu warned.