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Whoopi Goldberg to Meghan McCain: ‘Girl, please stop talking’

We’ve all become used to the left-leaning co-hosts of the View blowing up at Meghan McCain (or vice versa). In today’s instance, what’s striking was how quickly Whoopi Goldberg went from zero to snippy, eventually telling McCain, “Girl, please stop talking.” McCain agreed she would stop talking altogether for the rest of the show and Goldberg replied, “I’m okay with that.” She then cut to a commercial.

The topic at hand was impeachment and the co-hosts spent an entire segment talking about it. That has now been broken up by ABC into three parts on YouTube Part one is here. Part two is here. In both of those segments everyone seems to be getting a chance to talk. In part two, both McCain and Joy Behar interrupt Goldberg and she seems mildly annoyed saying, “Let me make my point and then I will shup up.” Whoopi did get time to make her point (about Bill Clinton’s impeachment) and then seemed to invite McCain to speak up, which she did for about a minute. But again, it seemed like the normal course for this show.

Part 3 (which you can see below) opens with Joy Behar responding to Meghan McCain. Then Sunny Hostin chimes in and talks for nearly a minute about the hypocrisy of Republicans. When McCain tried to respond to that, Hostin interrupted her. “Just let me finish. I let you talk. Let me finish,” McCain said. At that point, Goldberg interrupted both of them saying, “Here’s what’s happening now!”

“Do you want to have a conservative perspective on this show ever?” McCain responded.

“Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now,” Whoopi said.

“No problem. I won’t talk the rest of the show,” McCain said.

“I’m okay with that,” Goldberg replied. She added, “I’m okay with that if you’re going to behave like this.”

“I’m not behaving like anything. I’m trying to show a conservative perspective. I let Sunny talk…” McCain said.

“What you’re doing…” Goldberg started to say. McCain interrupted, “No, I’m not…”

At that point, Goldberg started to shift to a new topic and then announced “We’ll be right back.” After the commercial, McCain remained silent for most of the following segment.

Again, we’ve seen this before but I don’t get why Goldberg was suddenly so upset. McCain really did give Sunny Hostin a full minute to make a point that seemed, at least categorically, aimed at her. And Hostin was the one who interrupted McCain’s response, not the other way around. Goldberg’s irrational anger and demand that the one Republican on the panel shut up probably has more to do with what McCain was saying than with any concern over the show’s process. In fact, Goldberg seems to be channeling the progressive mood. Things aren’t going as well as planned with the impeachment show, better shout at Republicans and cut to a commercial.

Update: Here’s McCain’s reaction after the show on Twitter:

Next she linked the latest RCP polling average which shows impeachment is now underwater:

She makes a fair point.