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What to buy for that special fan

The holiday season is upon us, and while some people do their shopping months in advance, others end up cutting it oh-so-close. To celebrate the holiday shopping season for those last-minute buyers, USA TODAY takes a look at 10 unique sports gifts for everyone in your life. Whether it’s to flaunt your family’s fandom or get an outside-the-box gift, we’ve got you covered. 

Sports team-themed umbrella. A predicament for many die-hard fans when tailgating or attending games can be weather issues. Come prepared to root on your team and escape the rain with this obvious-yet-necessary gift (Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond). 

NHL puck waffle maker. For the kitchen lover, make waffles in style with a hockey-themed breakfast. (Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond). 

An NHL-themed waffle maker.

NFL-themed Baby Musical Mobile. What’s a perfect way to brainwash your child into becoming a New England Patriots fan? Start early by soothing your young one with 12 sleepy tunes all while under the decor of your favorite team. (Available at buybuyBABY and Bed, Bath & Beyond). 

Lullabies just got fan-focused.

Fancy Hoop Dreams Studio frame. On the pricier side, keep your home elegant and fun at the same time with this unique living room design that allows you to shoot baskets off a cushioned frame. (Available at  

The "King James" basketball hoop frame by

Matching family pajamas. Show team (or family) synergy with matching night attire for the entire family, supporting your favorite team (Available at Sports Fan Island). Also, don’t forget the family pet. There’s plenty of fan-themed dog outfits out there, too.  

Favorite team assemble, pajama style.

Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof children’s book by Kobe Bryant. The five-time NBA champion Bryant is making the most of his retirement, becoming an Academy Award winner and New York Times-bestselling storyteller book. This children’s book, set in an alternate classical world, features two main characters who “battle terrible evil and discover their inner strength along the way.” (Available at Amazon). 

Kobe Bryant's storytelling continues to take new colors.

Serena Williams’ signed busted racket from 2005 Wimbledon. For the sports memorabilia nut willing to fork out big money to decorate the office, here’s a gem. While Williams’ storied career is known for Grand Slam wins, this racket (going for $10,000) remains smashed from Williams memorably breaking out in frustration following her first-set loss in the first round. Williams’ sister, Venus, won that year. (Available at Nate D. Sanders Auctions: Fine Autographs & Memorabilia). 

Franchise-themed skin. Another pricier gift, these electric-themed guitars run in the $400 range. But what better way to practice some halftime tunes? (Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond). If that’s too much, settle for a team-themed laptop or phone skin (via Skinit). 

Halftime tunes vibes.

Sports team handbag and wallet. Support your favorite franchise when going out in public with this collection. (Available at Dooney & Bourke). 

Go shopping in style with this LSU-themed handbag.

Baseball boat shoes. No better way to support America’s past time by sporting these comfy and stylish boat shoes for a typical lounge day. (Available at Baseball Lifestyle 101). 

No better subtle way to show off you're a baseball lover than sporting these gems.
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