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Guest post by Ted Malloch

Malarkey = insincere talk or nonsense.

The term first came into existence in the 1920s in America but likely has older Irish origins. Synonyms include, baloney, balderdash, blatter, poppycock and crapola, among others.


It was typically used by good people like my late father, a straight shooter if ever there was one, as in: “Don’t give me that Malarkey.”

It is essentially an ‘old guy’ phrase that the former generation used to use to suggest that you stop the bluff and just tell the plain truth.

You don’t hear it much, if at all, anymore.

That “greatest generation” survived the depression, fought the great war and won the day by hard work, thrift, discipline, humility and honesty.

They genuinely loved and built America, spilled blood and died for her and our freedom.

This is decidedly NOT Joe Biden, who has a lot to answer for; who is in fact the polar opposite — ALL Malarkey.

So, here are the ten questions my father and his friends, all decorated veterans and great American patriots but now deceased, would ask slippery Joe, if they were still around to ask.

1 Why do you tell war stories that are lies?

2 Is there a conflict of interest if your son takes millions of dollars from a foreign government when you are Vice President and are supposed to get the same government to stop corruption?

3 Why do you keep trying to become President when you have lost already three times before?

4 If you are middle class why is your net worth over $15 million while you were a full time politician. Where did you get all that money?

5 Tell me why you believe an aggressive China is not an American enemy?

6 How did you lose your faith and reject Christian values?

7 Why are your children so corrupt and debauched—how did you raise them?

8 Why doesn’t former President Obama or O’Biden as you call him endorse you if you are so tight?

9 Why are you seemingly so angry, creepy, and always disoriented?

10 What do you really stand for since you have flip-flopped on so many issues in your nearly half century government career in the swamp? Are you just a DC swamp creature?

What they would say very clearly to slippery, sleepy, creepy Joe is, cut the shit – STOP WITH ALL THE MALARKEY!

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