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Nadler and Schiff: Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine proves ‘Crimes are in progress against the Constitution’

“This is a crime in progress against the constitution and against the American democracy,” said Jerrold Nadler, the House Judiciary Chairman on ABC’s “This Week.”

Referring to Rudy Giuliani’s recent trip to Ukraine where reportedly he met with former and current officials. Nadler said that the way that President Trump and Rudy Giuliani are behaving with their continued involvement in there [Ukraine], are “the heart of what the Constitution meant by high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“For the president to engage in self-dealing for his own benefit to put himself above the country and to threaten the integrity of our elections, upon which everything else depends. It is a total threat. And we must meet that threat,” Nadler said.

Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Chairman, who also appeared on ABC’s “This Week”, said the reports show “the misconduct hasn’t stopped.”

“So this misconduct goes on, the threat to our election integrity coming up goes on,” Schiff said. “It’s a clear and present danger … and not something that we can turn away from simply because the Republicans in the House refuse to do their duty, and [are] continuing to put the person of the president above their personal obligation.”