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JJ Abrams reveals final film

LOS ANGELES — J.J. Abrams was going through a range of emotion at the world premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Monday night.

“I’d say it’s 50% excitement and 50% terror, and goes back and forth, to 51% terror,” Abrams broke it down to USA TODAY from the red carpet.

Later from the Dolby Theater stage, Abrams would admit to the star-studded crowd that the number had moved up to “92% terrified.” 

It’s for good reason: The stakes are high. “Rise of Skywalker” not only ends the current trilogy Abrams started with 2015’s “The Force Awakens,” but also the nine-episode Skywalker saga George Lucas started in 1977.

The biggest names in the mega-franchise had not even seen the film, including Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who was greeted on the stage with a standing ovation Monday. Likewise, trilogy cast members present – Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac – were still in the dark about the new, concluding film.

‘This was not small stakes for us’: J.J. Abrams brings ‘Star Wars’ saga to a close with ‘Rise of Skywalker’

J.J. Abrams arrived for the world premiere of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" nervous about people finally seeing the film.

Before Monday night, Abrams estimated to USA TODAY that maybe “four dozen” people had seen the top secret project. No cast, no press had seen the movie.

“It’s terrifying to go from seeing it with eight people to 3,500 people in a room,” said Abrams. Not to mention, the premiere will mark the beginning of fans across the world seeing the film, which opens Thursday.