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Impeachment Is The Only Election Strategy Democrats Have

On today’s podcast we get into Maxine Waters admitting Democrats have no evidence President Trump is corrupt, but she insists he’s corrupt anyway and needs to be impeached. Also, failing Democratic candidates are insisting the rules to qualify for their party’s debates need to be changed to accommodate them, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for all things “necessary to live” to be given to people by government, and leftists smear cadets at the Naval Academy and West Point as racists because they hate the military.

Listen to the show:

Maxine Waters was on CNN yesterday and admitted she has no evidence that President Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, but she believes he is anyway. Same goes for impeachment – she’s not about to let having no evidence that Trump is corrupt stand in the way of her commitment to destroying him. While spewing an incredible number of conspiracy theories on their airwaves, CNN personality Erin Burnett never once challenged Waters or offered anything close to a follow-up question because “journalism.” We have the audio.

Corey Booker and Julian Castro’s campaigns are failing, so much so that neither have qualified to the next Democratic debate. Rather than work harder to make the next round, or admit that voters don’t like them, they’ve decided to demand the party lower the bar for entry in the name of diversity. Not diversity of opinion, their policy positions are no different than any other candidate running for the nomination, but diversity of skin color. They’re calling Democratic Party voters racists for not supporting them and seeking special treatment. We get into it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks anything people need to live should be provided to them by government, and said as much at a recent town hall. Plus, the left is going after cadets at the Army-Navy game because they hate the military. Get into all of it and more.

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