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If You Love 1980s British Pop Music and ‘Once,’ You Will Love ‘Sing Street’

It is tough not to see traces of Once when you watch Sing Street. Both musicals are derived from films written and directed by John Carney (Once in 2007, Sing Street in 2016). Both have a charming, sweetly nervy heterosexual love story at their center: Guy and Girl in Once; and Conor (Brenock O’Connor) and Raphina (Zara Devlin) in Sing Street.

Both are set in Dublin (Sing Street in 1982), and both have wonderful music and songs—the work of Carney, with Gary Clark, in Sing Street. And both started their New York lives at the New York Theater Workshop, where Sing Street opens Monday night (to Jan. 26, 2020). The unanswered question: Will Sing Street follow Once to Broadway?