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#WinItForWonho Trends As Monsta X Fans Rally Their Support Following K-Pop Group’s Recent Award Nominations

Supporters of K-pop boy band Monsta X and former member Wonho, who had a controversial exit from the group earlier this year, have come to the forefront once again.

Monsta X fans—collectively known as “Monbebe” (which means “my baby” in French)—have rallied their support for the K-pop act on social media following the band’s recent nominations for various music awards.

The fans have been urging each other to vote for the group, who have been nominated for several awards including the Top Music Universe Awards and the Golden Disc Awards with TikTok, as well as for “best song of the year” on Idol Champ, a Korean music television show.

Devoted fans have been posting messages on social media using the hashtag #WinItForWonho, which has been trending on Twitter, along with others including #WinItForWonho and #기적이_만나게_해준_7명 [A miracle has brought the 7 members of the group together].

“Come on Mbbs [Monbebes] we can do this. Streaming just once day will make a huge difference if we all do it together #WinItForWonho @OfficialMonstaX #MONSTAXArtistOfTheDecade,” wrote @marie56755030.