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SNL’s Hilarious ‘Marriage Story’ Parody With Kellyanne and George Conway Fighting and Divorcing

After a cold open featuring Kate McKinnon’s teen activist Greta Thunberg taunting the president (since the septuagenarian took it upon himself to cyberbully her this week), and an array of lame holiday sketches, Saturday Night Live aired its most inspired bit of the week: a Marriage Story parody starring none other than Kellyanne and George Conway.

The president’s on-air mouthpiece and her Trump-hate-tweeting husband—played by Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett, under heavy prosthetics—assumed the roles of the divorcing couple in Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-bait Netflix film, while host Scarlett Johansson played their couples therapist.

“What I love about Kellyanne: she works so hard for her boss, even though I hate his guts,” offered George. “What I love about George: he actually always tells me what he thinks about me to my face,” chimed in Kellyanne, as the action cut to George assuring his wife he’s not mad at a her at a restaurant while tweeting, “Anyone who works for Trump is a demon.”

Later on, after scenes of them cutting each other’s hair—taken from Baumbach’s film—Kellyanne adds, “I love that he loves to read… the DSM, to find out what’s wrong with my boss”—right before the two of them bond by yelling at a homeless person on the street.