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UK protesters chant ‘not my prime minister’ and scuffle with police

Earlier today I wrote that the UK election results should serve as a warning to socialists in this country, but I guess there’s a corollary to that: UK conservatives may want to pay attention to the left’s behavior in the US after losing the 2016 election. It seems the UK left is marching down the same path as the resistance. In London there are hundreds of people out in the streets chanting “Not my prime minister!”

It’s very reminiscent of the protests around the US after Trump was elected. A frequent chant then was “Not my president!”

As often happens at left-wing protests, there were scuffles with the police. It’s mostly a lot of shoving as the police try to hold back a large crowd which is pushing forward:

Here’s another clip showing a clash with police. At least one guy gets hit in the mouth and is bleeding. He wipes the blood on one of the police officers:

Antifa were also out mixing it up with the police. Notice the flag in this clip:

Similar protests are taking place in Glasgow, Scotland using the same “Not my prime minister!” chant.

As for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he is calling for unity:

“Let the healing begin,” Johnson urged a society that has been at war with itself since a narrowly decided Brexit referendum more than three years ago.

He vowed to use his party’s commanding parliamentary majority — the largest the Conservatives have enjoyed since the times of Margaret Thatcher — to make Brexit happen, but also “to unite and level up.”

Obviously that’s not going over well with the socialist left. By now the protesters have all gone home for the night, so we’ll have to wait and see if this continues for several more days. Increasingly, it seems to be the norm for the far left that any election they lose (Brexit, the 2016 US electoin, etc) is grounds to announce they consider the election results illegitimate. It’s not a good trend. I’m confident we’d be hearing a lot more about how dangerous this is if people on the right were doing the equivalent.