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Trump-Russia: DoJ watchdog ‘surprised’ by criticism from Barr investigator – live | US news

I’ve said to many of my friends in the press, “You’re accomplices, whether you want to be or not,” [and they say,] “If he’s saying it, then it’s news.” I don’t think it’s news, but it monopolizes the airwaves. So there is a lot of responsibility to go around in terms of the creation of whatever that is in the White House.

But he has a tactic, one that is used by autocrats, which is, “Just as long as they’re talking about me, no matter if it’s bad, then you’re not talking about my opponent.” When [the press was] talking about him, they weren’t saying what Hillary was going to do about health care, to make our economy fair.

What we have to do is make sure that our own message is very positive, that we assume nothing about the public’s understanding of how one candidate is not authentic. Nonetheless, if you can fake authenticity, as Jean Giraudoux has said, you have it made.

I see everything as an opportunity. I see what he is as an opportunity for us to have a very sharp, sharp contrast to what that is, to bring America back to a place where our hearts are full of love, for our country, for each other, and that we do not become like him in order to gain power but instead honor what our founders taught us: E pluribus unum, from many one.

And so forget about him.