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Echo Dots are just $0.99 when you sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited

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Remember that Spotify/Google Home Mini deal? This is basically that, but for people who prefer Alexa.

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TL;DR: Amazon will give you a 3rd gen Echo Dot for $0.99 cents when you sign up for a month of Amazon Music Unlimited — a total of just $10.98, or $8.98 if you’re a Prime member.

How do you choose which music streaming service to pay for? Wait until one of them offers a smart home device with a subscription, obviously.

Spotify set the internet on fire by giving away free Google Home Minis to all Spotify Premium users. But we forget that Spotify isn’t the only music service to do such a thing: Amazon has a very similar bundle, and it happens way more often. For a limited time, you can get a 3rd gen Echo Dot for $0.99 when you sign up for a month of Amazon Music Unlimited. 

This is a no-brainer if you already live in an Echo-dominated household. A free Echo Dot gets you the power of Alexa in yet another room, and can act as an intercom to communicate across the house. If you’re a Prime addict, ordering paper towels or cat food is as easy as telling Alexa.

And having Echos without Amazon Music is just plain risky. Not only do you have more song options that are compatible with your Echo, but without it, you might find yourself with a $9.99 charge because Alexa signed you up for Amazon Music when you simply asked for a song that’s not on Spotify. (How do I know Alexa is sneaky like this? Because it happened to me.) If you’re going to pay for Amazon Music, you might as well get a free Echo Dot out of it, right?

Subscribers get unlimited access to millions of songs, offline listening with unlimited skips and no ads, and hands-free listening on Echo devices. And though Spotify has more users than Amazon Music, Amazon Music is growing faster than Spotify. The Financial Times found that the number of Amazon Music subscribers grew by 70% in the last year compared to Spotify’s 25% increase.

Regularly $49.99 for a full-price Echo Dot and $9.99 per month for Amazon Music ($7.99 per month if you’re a Prime member), you can get your first month and an Echo Dot for $8.98 or $10.98, depending on your Prime status.