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Whoopi Goldberg Scolds ‘The View’ Audience for Cheering Impeachment

Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View after a week off on Tuesday wearing one of her signature Christmas sweaters. Meghan McCain was quick to say she’d rather plug  her co-host’s product than talk about “America’s funeral.” 

“No, this is not a funeral,” Goldberg told her. “Listen, you have to go pretty hard to destroy us. There are too many people who fought too hard for too long to let that happen, and that’s why we are celebrating the Constitution. We are celebrating our rights as Americans to say something’s wrong.” 

In a personal note to both McCain and Abby Huntsman, she added, “That’s why your dad fought, that’s why your brothers fight. That’s why my father and grandfather fought and my mom and everybody else. That’s why they fought. They fought for our right to say you can’t do it this way.” 

Of course, they were talking about the big news that House Democrats had officially filed articles of impeachment against “you-know-who,” as Goldberg put it. When the audience began to cheer, she stopped them in their tracks. 

Waving a finger, Goldberg said, “No, no, this is not a celebratory moment. This is not a good thing.” 

“When he’s out, then we’ll clap,” Joy Behar chimed in. 

“Maybe you can clap then, but still, this is not good,” Goldberg said. “It wasn’t good when it happened to Nixon. it wasn’t good when it happened to Clinton. And this is not good. This is not good. But in order to keep our nation on point, we must do the due diligence that the Constitution requires.”