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How tech has changed our lives in 10 years before Alexa and Uber

“Alexa” was just another female name. Uber hadn’t taken anyone for a ride yet. And the buzz around Facebook had more to do with the fact that seemingly everyone you once knew was turning up on “The Social Network,” and less about the numerous data and privacy scandals that would tarnish the company’s reputation later on. 

The year was 2010, the dawn of a new decade. And while 10 years is a long time for most every industry, in consumer tech it might as well be a lifetime.

Let’s reminisce. 

Ten years ago, self-driving cars were a pipedream, the iPad hadn’t launched yet, and neither had the photo-sharing phenomenon Instagram, still a couple of years away from being consumed by Facebook. 

Chrome OS and Chromebook computers weren’t hatched yet either, but it wouldn’t be far into the new decade before Google’s cloud and browser-based approach to computing posed a real challenge to the longtime PC status quo that was Microsoft Windows.

The Microsoft Xbox One entertainment system with Kinect motion controller (top), console and game controller (bottom)

Microsoft was doing its own innovating, though. In 2010, it introduced the hands-free Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 that recognized our gestures and began to get video gamers off their butts. 

Five years later, under new CEO Satya Nadella, the Windows 10 operating system came out to mostly positive reviews.

No longer dominant

It may not have been immediately obvious, but several companies that began the decade in apparent positions of strength were enjoying their last hurrahs.

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