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Bill Barr Remains a Menace to Society Even if the The Horowitz Report Falls Flat

So here comes the Horowitz Report. The general speculation, as you know, is that he’ll wag his finger at some FBI officials for showing political bias or failing to uphold proper procedure under FISA laws. But it’s apparently not going to support the contention — pushed continuously by President Trump — that the government of the United States spied on candidate Trump.

They’re girding themselves over in Wingnuttia. Poor Mollie Hemingway is reduced to warning her readers at The Federalist: “Many critics of that surveillance hope that this Inspector General report will bring some justice. They should get rid of that hope as soon as possible.” John Solomon told Sean Hannity that there will be “six to 12 findings of wrongdoing” in the report, but he conspicuously didn’t say that they would be bombshells. Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett tried to dismiss the early leaks as “multiple hearsay” (by the way, the absence of links to any of these people is intentional).