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Jimmy Fallon’s Trudeau, Paul Rudd’s Macron and James Corden’s Boris Johnson Bully Alec Baldwin’s Trump

Saturday Night Live opened this week’s show by taking on the hot-mic moment that rocked the international community and sent President Trump sulking home from Britain. “Some dismissed it as petty high school gossip,” a voiceover said, “but you should have seen what happened in the NATO cafeteria.” 

With that, Jimmy Fallon as Justin Trudeau, Paul Rudd as Emmanuel Macron and James Corden as Boris Johnson strolled onto the stage and declared themselves the “bad boys” of NATO. 

“Look! Quiet, it’s Trump,” Macron said as Alec Baldwin entered the scene. “Did you see him speak for 45 minutes the other day? It was just supposed to be a photo.” 

“Well if I looked like him, I’d try to distract the photographer, too,” Trudeau joked.