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Stephen Colbert Busts Rudy Giuliani’s Big Ukraine Admission

Even as House Democrats draw up articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, still appears to be going rogue across Europe in a last ditch effort to exonerate his client—and himself.  

“Rudy’s basically a college student studying abroad,” Stephen Colbert joked on Friday night’s Late Show. “Except somehow with more binge drinking.”


“But Rudy’s being very coy about what he’s up to right now,” the host continued, pointing to an interview Giuliani gave this week to disgraced former Fox News host Eric Bolling in which he “wouldn’t even confirm that he was in Ukraine.” 

Asked by Bolling if he was in Ukraine gathering evidence to support his own defense, Giuliani answered, “I am not here to—I don’t have to defend myself.”

“Good save, Rudy!” Colbert said, laughing at the former New York City mayor’s expense. 

He then imagined how Giuliani might use the same strategy to defend Trump at his Senate impeachment trial. “Mr. Giuliani, when did the president commit bribery?” he asked.

“It was on Friday…fried eggs!” Colbert replied as Giuliani. “Fried eggs, his favorite breakfast food to eat when not being guilty, which is always?” 

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