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No Safe Spaces: See It!

No Safe Spaces is a terrific documentary about the Left’s assault on free speech. It stars Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla, and is directed by my friend Justin Folk.

My organization, Center of the American Experiment, held a pre-screening of the film in Minneapolis last Summer. We sold out a 368-seat theater and the movie got a great reception. I wrote about the event here.

Having seen No Safe Spaces, I recommend it unreservedly: you should see it. It is highly entertaining, and you will enjoy it.

The producers initially launched No Safe Spaces on a limited basis, opening in a small number of cities and drawing good crowds. The opening weekend was one of the biggest ever for a documentary. But this weekend is when the film opens broadly across the country, in around 200 theaters. It could be the make-or-break moment for a project that has been years in the making and features some of conservatism’s brightest stars.

If you go here, you can find a theater near you where No Safe Spaces is playing this weekend. I encourage you to attend, if at all possible. We conservatives often criticize Hollywood, with good cause. I virtually gave up going to movies years ago. But if we want to preserve a beachhead in popular entertainment, we need to support high-quality films that promote conservative ideas when we can. I have been following the development of No Safe Spaces for years, and have at least a general sense of the incredible amount of work and investment it takes to bring a film into production, distribution and general release. No Safe Spaces eminently deserves to succeed, and if it is a box office hit, it will encourage other conservative filmmakers for years to come.

So if you can, I hope you will go see it this weekend, or when you are able. Again, go here to find a theater near you. I guarantee you will both enjoy and learn from the film. Here is the trailer: